A complete guide on how to add subscribe button to your site

A subscribe button is an option placed on any site to implant a complete HyperText Markup Language (HTML) subscription form. It is found on different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, e.t.c.

The subscribe button is placed at a particular point on these platforms by the owners so that if the audience clicks and subscribes on it, they can get to see and watch the new contents and updates uploaded at any time.

It is written in bold or a shouting color for proper visibility by the audience and mainly located below or middle of the content or a video, depending on the design chosen. The subscription helps in maintaining the relationship between the owner of the channel and the audience. 

In this article, we will learn how to add the subscribe button on sites generally and then take a case study of one of the sites mentioned above.

How to add a subscribe button on your site

The first thing you need to do is to head over to the site you would like to promote by adding a subscription form, tap on to the sign-up form as indicated below;

 Tap the subscribe button on the “sign up” forms. A page will be opened with a designed; small blue subscribe button depending on the form you want to use on your site. 

If you want to confirm whether it is working, you need to tap the subscribe button, enter the name and the email address you would like to test it with, and then tap on the subscribe button for the second time to finish up.

You will need to copy and paste the code that will appear on the right of the page on your site. When this is done, you will be taken back to the initial page to confirm whether it works. Check the diagram below;

The site owner can edit the subscribe button by making changes where he/she wants to, without copying and pasting the code for the second time. Let us take a case study of adding a subscribe button on a YouTube channel.

How to add a subscribe button on a YouTube channel

A YouTube channel is a platform where videos, audios, contents about specific procedures on how to perform particular activities are uploaded or channeled by the site developers to their audience. The subscribe button is placed at a particular position on the site page to enhance or create a shortcut form of watching or reading content once they are uploaded. 

The subscribe button can notify the subscribers about the new content created and uploaded. There are three forms that can be used depending on the decision of the user, how he/she wants it to appear, e.t.c.

The first one from left is the basic ‘default’ button, followed by the complete layout that contains the name of the YouTube channel, your email and the avatar image. The last part is the same image as in the second but now on a dark background.

After choosing on the best form to use, one needs to obtain a code that will be added to activate the site. Go to the “configured “ button section and place the name of the channel there.

Tap on the two drop-down to decide on the form and theme to use as shown below;

Once you are done, you need to copy and paste the code given on your site and end with an implant, live, that can be clicked as shown below;

If you create a channel that requires some payments for it to have the subscribe button, then the button will be designed in green color as shown below;

Refresh your website after carrying out all the steps to check the YouTube channel subscribe button on it.

One should find a way on how to influence and encourage the audience to subscribe and follow his/her YouTube channel for them to grow and earn through payments on their content. YouTube channel rules and privacy policies should be observed and placed into action.


In simple terms, adding a subscribe button on a site is a way of developing it and different people it worldwide to improve their websites. The above process can be summarized as below;

1. Tap on the word press and select the widget that is appearing on the Page.

2. Find the HyperText Markup Language(HTML) on the widget that 

are given.

3. Drag and copy the widget on your preferred page.

4. Add the name and email address of your website on the Hype Text

 Markup, copy and paste the cord given in the content area.

5. Tap save, and then tap done.                    






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