A complete guide on difference Between Email Marketing vs Social Media

Marketing is evolving rapidly, and you need to catch- up to be abreast with the new ways of promoting your brand. It doesn’t matter your industry; how you attract, convert, and retain customers determines whether you’ll remain competitive or not. 

Many people are using the internet today, and smart marketers are grabbing that opportunity to grow their audience and customer list. You should be convincing enough to win new customers, and the digital platforms are offering a unique way to reach and make your audience reliable customers. 

 So, are you considering email marketing vs social media? While the two have taken online marketing by storm, you need to understand the difference between them. That way, you’ll determine whether it’s one of the two together works best for your business.

Here are critical differences between email marketing vs social media you should know.

Differences between Email Marketing vs Social Media

1. Audience reach between email and social media

When marketing your brand, you would want to use a channel to gives a great audience reach. The more your brand is known widely, the more you are likely to get many buyers. Your brand will only become popular if the potential buyers are aware of its existence.

Are you new in marketing and wonder the method you can use to reach a greater audience between email marketing vs social media? You have the best option with email than social media.

Uh! That may have caught you offside, given that millions of people are on social media. Social media does not have a great engagement rate. Research has shown it’s barely half percentage.

Looking at email marketing, emails can reach about 85% of the customers you send them to. Besides, it has an open rate ranging to 23%. That’s why it will be the best to use if you seek to reach a greater audience.

For social media, you can increase the organic reach only when people engage with your posts. But that isn’t a simple job to accomplish. When using the email method, you can raise your inbox placement rate. All you need to do is to apply the best practices of email. 

2. Connecting with the audience several times between email marketing vs social media

Do you look forward to interacting with your customers many times within a day? That would be the easiest way to convince even new visitors into buyers or retaining your audience. So, social media will allow you to interact with your audience several times a day without annoying them.

Imagine being emailed by a company five times a day. Chances are you will hit unsubscribe button very fast. But as a marker, social media allows you to form a relationship with your audience and even post many times within a day. However, you should make sure your content is engaging enough, and your followers love engaging with it.

3. Differences in the collection of customers data about interests and behavior

A successful customer needs to understand the interests and behavior of their customers. That helps to design products based on what the customer wants when doing marketing; you need to use methods that give a much data about your customers.

If you are comparing email marketing vs social media in terms of gathering information from your audience, you will opt for social media.

Many social media platforms gather information about the population in your audience when signing in. most of those social media share the collected data with you and for free through analytics programs.

When it comes to email marketing, you need to request more data from your readers directly. That limits the amount of data you get since there are people who won’t provide it. So, you can use social media if you need more data about your audience since information is obtained through interactions of social media users.

4. Specific content target to the audience between email marketing vs social media

You would want to be effective in marketing as much as possible. And this requires sending specific content to a target group. Both email marketing vs social media allows you to send specific content to a group. However, social media platforms offer the best ways to segment and tailor your message to specific target groups in massive demographics.

Using social media to target your customers implies you’re working with the most appropriate available to reach specific types of customers.

5. Return on investment between email marketing vs social media

For sure, you’re after more profits from your investment, and that’s why you should use a marketing method that increases the number of customers. Though email marketing vs social media will give ROI, at no time will social media beat email. Email marketing has proven to bring ROI of about 122%, which is four times higher compared to other methods.

6. Testing content to find which works best for your brand

Sometimes, you want to send two contents about your brand and measure what your audience likes best. If you’re comparing email marketing vs. social media, an email will offer the best option to test the content that your audience desires. That is achieved by sending different content or headlines and observing keenly to find the type of content that connects well with your leads.


Email marketing vs social media is among the best you can reach and convert your audience to loyal customers. Ensure you know the one that works best for your business, or you can apply both. Reaching your audience, converting them, and retaining them is vital for your growth. That’s why you need effective marketing methods.

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