9 Techniques And Strategies For Time Management Recruiters Should Pursue

Time management is something that we all need but fail to achieve irrespective of what work we do. However, for best management recruiters or say the recruiters time management has a key role in their profession. There are two reasons for that. First, they have the responsibility towards the firm to get the cycle of desired manpower installed whenever there is a vacancy, removal, or need. And second of course the common one to maintain the work-life balance.


Time management nowadays has become a more fancy kind of concept from being simple to adopt strategy at the individual level. Nowadays you see time management coaches, time management seminars for corporates, and what not trying to tell the people the magic mantra of time management. However, the truth is that time management is still that simple thing that you can adopt by making some smart changes to your routine. Yes, you don’t have to watch a number of videos or attend seminars on time management and make notes out of it. So, what do you need to do to get the time management thing right? Well, that is what we are going to discuss here.


Here is a mix of some strategies and techniques adopting which you can set the tone right for time management:


Understanding The Need


Well, everybody is saying time management is important. You also know it but the thing is that you understand it. Why is time management important for you as an individual? Do you realize that? If the answer is no then you can stop reading here and first develop this realization because until you realize why time management is important for you the effort that you would be putting into it would be half-hearted or just for namesake. If you have that realization that why time management is important then you have already crossed the first hurdle and now it’s just the implementation of other things that you have to get right. Let me tell you that the reason for your time management may not be the professional one always, maybe you need to adopt time management to spend more time with your loved ones by wrapping up the work fast or your work techniques are not optimum and you need to save time on that.  The reason can be any point here is realization, why time management for me?


Setting The Routine


The tone for your day starts with morning. Now, irrespective of the fact what you do the whole day a good start in the morning sets the ball rolling for a productive day. As a recruiter, you have to engage with many people in the professional sphere during the day. So, it is important you start your day well with peace and calm in mind, so that you can maintain the same throughout the day.


Here the thing that you should do is something that has been said to you times and again, exercise. It doesn’t mean you have to hit the gym and pump the iron.  What it means is some kind of activity in fresh air may be as simple as walking on the grass or cycling around for a while. The activity in the morning energizes your mind and the body physically which has to take many tasks during the daytime. Thus, setting an active morning routine is like making a nice start to the day.


The Planning


Now, this would come in handy both on the professional and personal front. Plan your days or week in advance. Say for example on Sunday morning you set the routine and tasks that you have to do in the coming week. Set some deadlines and put some force on you to achieve them. Set a goal like I have to at least achieve 80% of the planned target set for the week.  The benefit at the professional front would be that you would have that plan ready in your mind which candidates you have to interview today or what are the shortlisted profiles to whom you have to send emails.


On the personal front, you would know when you have that time for an outing with the family and what portion of the day are you going to spend with your partner to make sure that you invest quality time in relationships. Thus, planning is a part of the process.


Frequent Breaks


You can’t keep sitting in a place for hours and just move once or twice. This would freak out the mind and you would start feeling the stress and monotony of your work. Further, it would also impact your health. Take frequent breaks say after every 40 minutes a 5 minutes break. In these 5 minutes don’t scroll your social media or mobile just move around or take a glass of water or just come out and take a breath of fresh air. To relax your eyes, splash some water.


These simple and ignored techniques are the ones that would give your mind a much-needed relaxation and you would start feeling the impact of it in face of enhanced productivity.


Learning The Art Of Filtering


As a recruiter, you might have a number or shortlisted profiles of candidates to interview or assess. If you start meeting them one by one then you would never be able to complete the process in time. Further, you would be wasting your’s, candidate’s, and firm’s time and resources. Here is when you have to bring in the art of filtering. Out of the shortlisted profile call, only those who you feel are very likely to make the cut. Now, the question is how to do it?


The answer is simple. First of all the simple technique include a telephonic round of interview to get to know the person. Further, you can add a small test to be solved by the candidate to be sent on his email within a given time or use of software which tell you the suitability of the candidate based on various parameters for a given job profile. Using the art of filtering you would be saving a lot of time.


Social Media And Not It’s Craze


The use of social media recruitment is a buzz thing today. You would see most of the recruiters using social media platforms apart from Linkedin (Linkedin as well) for recruitment. That is a good thing,  but keep on using social media as a major source of recruitment is not a good idea. You need to use social media to pace not as your craze. Smartly use the social media handles of the firm to advertise and promote your recruitments or use the e-mail techniques to reach a wide base of candidates.




In life and the professional sphere, this is one of the most important things. You have to segregate the tasks at hand based on their priorities. Now, these priorities can be based on the time left for the task the magnitude of the task, or its importance.




If you keep on doing something and don’t evaluate whether it is yielding results or not then the time management efforts would turn into time wastage. Evaluate the changes in productivity and output front whether the changes are yielding positive results or not. Keep a track of that. Either maintain a diary or just use smart tools or online apps to maintain daily records and bring out a monthly assessment report of that.


Keep Inventing


Last but surely not least you should keep inventing. What it means is not scientific inventions but inventing some new ways to change or tweak your strategies (or the ones we discussed here) so as to keep pace with the changing situations. Say if you were following a nice routine for time management and suddenly your job requires you to work in night shift then you have to make changes in order to keep the pace. Thus, as we say that the change is permanent you should also adopt that to keep your life and work balanced.





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