9+ Most Excellent Handmade Fathers Day Flower Baskets

People broke the tradition that only women could receive flowers. They have understood that even men deserve to feel the beauty and tenderness of nature. Now you can send Father’s day wishes using flowers. 

What differentiates between men’s and women’s flowers is the presentation. Don’t select flower caskets that have a feminine touch. Select the neutral and masculine arrangements.

Peaceful White Garden

Fathers are usually calm and composed in their older ages. Thus, you can maintain peace when you send them a peaceful white garden on father’s day. 

Peaceful White flowers have a variety of species. They all are green and type with one white flowering plant. The flowers therein are peace lily plant, kalanchoe, and lush foliage. 

The color theme in the flowers is cool. Any dad would want to get this flower garden. 

Spathiphyllum Plant

Green and white are the typical flowers appropriate to send Father’sDat wishes. Offer your dad some flowers that will keep him busy tending for them. Thus, flowering plants are important in filling the gap.

Spathiphyllum has shiny green leaves and a few white flowers. They are great gifts to a dad on Father’s Day.

Monstera Basket

Monstera basket is an all-green flower plant. The plant does not produce flowers. Instead, the leaves are hollow. The holes are natural, so you have no fear of giving out a house plant with gnats and bugs. 

White and Bright Floral Basket

You can send roses to dad. There are several rose arrangements suitable for him. The white and bright bouquet contains white and yellow roses. You arrange each color on one side; At a glance, the flower looks like two half-moons side by side. 

The flowers are easy to arrange. You do not need florist experience to accomplish the task. You can wrap the bucket or pail with a white and yellow cloth. If you don’t give it, you can wrap it with white and yellow yarns. Interchange the yarns to create a pattern.

Cheerful Yellow Roses

You can also send your dad yellow only roses on father’s day. These flowers are great when sunflowers are unavailable. This is going against the norm that roses are for the apology. You can also say you are apologizing, “sorry, dad, I know they are roses, but I want to tell you that Love you.’

Plain yellow flowers may look so bright. Thus, add some rosemary at the sides of the basket. They help create contrast. 

Flowers in Wooden Tray

Sometimes, baskets don’t go well with fathers. If your dad is a preservative, you can choose to offer him flowers with a hardy case; a Wooden tray will cover you. 

Use your creativity to arrange your flowers within the tray. Add some soil, or place a sponge in the tray first—outline four sections where you will place the flowers. Place a few stems of light red roses on one corner, then add some Asiatic lilies adjacent to the roses. Then, add more roses opposite of the roses. This Time double the number of stems. If you want to reduce clutter, use a smaller type of rose flowers. Then add green daisies to the remaining section.

Red Anthurium Mixed Flower Basket

Dads are naturally minimalist. Thus, when you are sending them flowers, ensure you keep everything minimal. This red anthurium mixed flower contains red anthurium, Asiatic lilies, red roses, and dad’s photos. Arrange them in a spiral layer where the anthurium will be the tallest while the lilies shortest. 

Graceful White Asiatic Lilies

When you want to make your dad feel comfortable receiving flowers, then avoid doses at all times. Give him white Asiatic Lilies. Present the flower is a square carton. If you do not have a carton, you can use a pail to hold the flowers. 

Mixed Flowers in Photo Mug

You can use an old mug to send flowers. Attach your dad’s photo on the outer surface of the mug. Then, arrange your flowers in a creative setting. You can use flowers such as roses, sunflowers, lilies, gerbera daisies, and carnations. Mix the colors to break the boredom. If you want to create a color theme, you can select two complementary colors for Father’s Day arrangement. 

Graceful Flower Sleeve Bag

If you throw a party for your dad, then understand that he can’t hold the flowers the entire party. But when you want your dad to hold your flowers longer, then present him with flowers in a sleeve bag. You can buy the bag at a local shop. Alternatively, you can make the bag at home. 

Sunny Floral Delight 

This arrangement contains yellow Asiatic lilies with a few stems of pink lilies. The flowers will resemble sun emitting rays. You can easily arrange the flowers in a pail. But ensure you use a black pail to create contrast. If you don’t have black pain at home, you can paint the existing pail black. 


The list above has some beautiful neutral flower arrangements for Father’s Day. You can use a flower delivery service to send the flowers home. Yellow is the common flower color for dads. However, you can use other colors to express your love for him.  

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