8 Words That Would Make A Good Tattoo

Getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment. However, having ink imprinted on your skin is a good and artistic way of self-expression or paying homage to things and memories. That is why, despite the different pain levels of getting a tattoo, many people still go for it. If you are planning to get a tattoo and do not have any idea on what to have, below are some beautiful and meaningful words you might want to consider.


If you are someone who values growth, “flourish” is the perfect word for you. It is a verb or a noun, which essentially translates into anything related to progress, growth, and development. Therefore, inking it on your body would be an excellent way to remind you of how you have grown as a person. It is also a good way to pay tribute to all the challenges and misfortunes that you overcame, which helped develop you into what you are today.


Solemn is a word for seriousness and sincerity. It is a word that exudes a great expression for trust and genuinity, therefore being suitable for people who identify as trustworthy. By having this as a tattoo, you can have a humble representation of your personal values that will always keep you grounded.


If you want a low-key but attention-grabbing word tattoo, put bourgeois unto your skin. It is a French term for “middle-class.” The meaning may be simple, but it is a nice way to tell yourself that no matter how high you get in life, you still have to value the essence of simplicity and to be around the masses. Through this, you can avoid putting yourself on a pedestal. Hence, you will be more relatable and empathetic. The fanciness as a French term is just a bonus.


Dour is a fitting word for people with strong unyielding personalities. It simply means stubborn and stern. Now, you might think that it is such a negative and unappealing word. However, it is a good option for a tattoo as it is an excellent conversation starter. Not all are familiar with its meaning, and most people would love to know why you chose it. Remember, the meaning can vary on what story you choose to tell.


Alive is such a common term used for tattoos to commemorate the essence of life. If you are looking for a unique word as an alternative for alive, you can use brio instead. It even has a stronger meaning, which is vigor. Thus, it is best for people who are living life to the fullest with full energy and enthusiasm. You can also correlate it with the amazing adventures you have experienced.


One of the most popular tattoo designs is the symbol of infinity. Aside from aesthetic purposes, the image is holistically meaningful, as it symbolizes the absence of boundaries. But if you are looking for a tattoo, having a common design is not really that enticing. Hence, instead of using a symbol, why not use the word perpetuity to connote infinity? After all, infinite and perpetuity both means endlessness and eternity.


Everyone is on the constant search for happiness. That is why it is also another popular and basic tattoo choice. That is why it is understandable for you to look for another design that will signify the same thing. If you are looking for another term for happiness, you can use felicity. It is a more cheerful word for happiness and enjoyment.


Savoir-faire is a fancy French term that literally translates into “know how to do.” But as a tattoo, it can be a graceful term for knowledge and sophistication. Hence, if those values apply to you and you are looking for an elegant yet minimalistic representation, using savoir-faire would be fantastic.

You can find the meaning of these words and other amazing terms you can use for a tattoo in Power Thesaurus. It is an online glossary of words that will let you find deeper and more stylish terms for simple words. Therefore, letting you think outside the box of conventional tattoo word choices.

The website has a wide variety of words to choose from. Every list of words is connected to another list. All of which are ranked by users depending on the accuracy of its meanings. Hence, you can guarantee that all definitions and synonyms are reliable.

If you are on the go and suddenly have the urge for a spontaneous or random tattoo, the Power Thesaurus app is a good reference for your chosen design. Do not forget that getting a tattoo is one of the greatest commitments you will ever make. It is important to use an application that will let you know the right meaning of the words you will put on your body. Therefore, you will not have any regrets in the future.

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