8 tips on how to learn a language faster

November 4, 2021

In the modern world, you can hardly do without a foreign language. He’s needed to get a good job. Without a foreign language, you are unlikely to be able to read foreign literature or watch a film in the original, chat with foreigners, or travel abroad. Scientists have even proven that knowing a foreign language will help your brain develop.

There are tons of possible ways to learn a language: you can take courses, pay for a tutor, or study on your own. In this topic, we will tell you some tips on how to study a foreign language by yourself. Let’s get started.

· Learn a language by browsing the internet

Most modern people spend a lot of time reading various websites. You will benefit more from this daily activity if you search for information in the language you want to learn. Google Chrome has a special program to help expand your vocabulary and improve your language proficiency by translating chunks of text from the site you are viewing into your native language.

Another program allows you to create flashcards with which it is easier to remember new words and use additional teaching functions. In addition, it is worthwhile to read foreign online magazines more often.

· Make the home and electronic devices speak a new language

Not only the Internet can help you in learning a language, but also all the subjects that surround you. You can stick tags with English words on surrounding objects, or you can configure all electronic devices – computer, laptop, tablet, phone, video games – so that they work in a different language. This way you can easily memorize many foreign words.

· Write down everything you hear

The writing process itself helps the brain to better absorb new information. If you don’t have anyone to study with, the best way to learn a new language is with dictation. As you listen to foreign language lessons, write down everything you hear. It will help you learn to understand pronunciation and be more receptive to the language.



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