8 Easy Plants to Grow at Home (Including Tips)

Many people want to do gardening, but they don’t have the required knowledge or experience of gardening. So, they can go for these easy plants to grow at home for a better start. These include indoor flowering plants, vegetable plants, and many more that can make you learn and do gardening practically. Also, it will fulfill your dream to have indoor plants.

But before going straight to the list of easy plants to grow at home, let us give you some prior and essential tips. 

Some important tips to easily grow plants at homes 

We know that we’ve curated the list of only plants that can easily grow at home, but still, these are some tips that will guide you. This will be helpful and can give you better results. 

1. Choosing the Right Pot

While choosing the pot, you’ve to keep two main things in mind. First is the size of the pot that you’re going to choose. It should be proportional and not too large than the present size of the plant. 

Choosing the right size pot helps the root to absorb the water easily from the soil. Secondly, check whether your pot has a drainage hole or not. Proper drainage is very important for the plant’s growth. If it does not have then you can add a few pebbles at the bottom of the pot.

2. Potting Mix

The potting mix provides the right amount of nutrients, aeration, and water to the plants. As the requirement is different for different plants, but in the beginning, you can go for the general one. However, it is advisable to choose the specific category of the potting mix for the desired plant. You can take the help of the garden centers that sell potting mix and ask them for the right choice.

3. Good Lighting 

We’ve studied this from the lower classes that lighting is very important for the plant’s growth. So, choose a spot in your home where you can place these plants. The place should get sufficient sunlight and be warm

This can be windows, balconies, rooftops, gardens, etc. If you don’t have any of such places, then buy special lights that help in maintaining the warmth for your plants.

4. Right Time to Water

Again water is as important as light, but every plant has different water requirements. If you’re a beginner, then keep in mind that overwatering is harmful to the growth of many plants. Now, how to know that the plants require water?

Well, mostly household plants require water one or two times a week. However, you can check if the soil is dry or not in the deep. Therefore, if it’s totally dry then water the plant. But if you feel wet in the deep, then wait for some time.  

8 Easy Plants to Grow at Home

1. Mint

The first in our list of easy plants to grow at home is the mint plant, which you’ll find in many homes. To grow the plant, you’ll just need to buy the seeds and a pot. Then fill the pot with the potting mix, plant the seeds, and done. Now, make sure that the plant will get the proper lighting and water at the right time. This plant has numerous benefits for our health, so you should try it for once. 

2. Sunflowers

If you’re a beginner and looking for a flower garden, then sunflowers are the best choice we have for you. As you can guess from the name, these flowers require direct sunlight and show better growth in full sun. They can survive the under-watering but not the over-watering, so make sure of that. These plants can grow to the height of up to 16 feet and make your garden more beautiful.

3. Money Plant

Another easy-to-grow plant at home is the money plant. Also, it is considered lucky and brings health, wealth, and prosperity. This is an easy-to-grow houseplant and you’ll find it in water as well as pots. Money plants can grow in direct sunlight but a high amount can burn the leaves. So choose the place wisely. Also, don’t overwater the plant, it can hinder the growth.

4. Chilli

Chili is one of the easy indoor plants that can be grown without much knowledge. Just get the seeds from the dried chilies, the potting mix, and the pot. After soaking the potting mix for a night with water, place the seeds. Now, water daily till it starts getting flowers. However, make sure to not over-water, and it gets enough sunlight.

5. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are one of the popular and easy vegetables that people generally try to grow at home or in their garden. If you’re going to grow tomatoes in the pots then their size should be around 6-7 inches. It also needs proper sunlight to grow and regular watering to keep the soil moist. When the tomato gets firm and red, it means you can have them. However, it’ll be smaller than the tomatoes we purchase from the market. 

6. Snake Plants

Snake plants became very popular as easy-to-grow plants at home in the last few years. However, it’s really a low-maintenance plant and can easily grow in low sunlight areas like homes too. Also, it needs less water and hates over watering just like the above-mentioned indoor plants. If you grow this plant in your home, then it can purify the air and remove chemicals like benzene, xylene, etc.

7. Carrots

If you’re looking for easy vegetables to grow at home, then we suggest carrots. To grow carrots, you’ll need the seeds, humus-rich potting mix, and a pot with a drainage hole. Just plant the seeds in the wet soil and put the pot in the area of bright sunlight. Here, don’t wait for the dry soil to water but keep the soil moist. When it comes to harvesting, wait until it grows around 2 cm and pulls it carefully. Now, enjoy the homegrown carrot.

8. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a popular plant and is one of the easy-to-maintain indoor plants. Unlike many plants that are discussed above, aloe vera plants require indirect sunlight and less water. Hence, an easy-care indoor plant in a true sense. Also, it looks very beautiful and can be used as home decor. You can also use the natural aloe vera gel as a skin moisturizer and for other skin-related problems.


Don’t wait for long enough in thinking and start growing plants that you like. Trust us, these are all easy plants to grow at home and don’t require special knowledge of gardening. 

We’re eager to know which easy to grow indoor plant you have chosen for your home. You can also share your experience while growing these low-maintenance plants. Now the comment section is all yours!! 


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