8 Common Eye & Vision Threatening Diseases That You Need Not Ignore

You might not have thought about it before, but our vision is one of the most common senses that we have and definitely one that no one would want to lose ever. If you look at the facts and stats, there are several people who are born with some kind of vision problems. And they are not alone in this, many people develop eye problems or lose their sight completely later on due to a number of reasons.

We can rest assure that you wouldn’t want to fall in this second category at all. Vision is something that we hold dear. And our eyes are the organs as important as anything else. Therefore it is important that you should know how to keep your eye and vision healthy. Even if you are having a slight eye or vision problem, it is advisable that you visit eye hospital in Noida, or wherever you live, as soon as possible. Below we have listed some most serious and common vision-threatening conditions that you should be aware of:

  1. Red Eyes

This is one of the most common eye problems affecting millions of people across the globe. While it is not life threatening, ignoring this may lead to some serious consequences. Your eyes become red when the blood vessels cover the eye surface, reason being infection or irritation. This can happen because of some kind of allergy, lack of sleep, as well as eye strain.

Don’t take it lightly, as red eyes may also point to some other form of eye disease like sun damage, conjunctivitis, and so.

  1. Eye Strain

Just like your body becomes strained because of some excessive physical work or stress, your eyes can also get strained when you are overusing or overworking your eyes. Like if you are reading for longer period, or when you are glued to TV or any other digital screen, your eyes get strained. This is why it is important that you limit the exposure to such aspects, and get full sleep so that your eyes are able to rest completely.

  1. Colour Blindness

This is one condition which you would have most probably heard about someone being affected. In this condition a person isn’t able to differentiate between 2 or more colours (usually shades of reds and greens). This is caused because of lack of colour cells or cone cells in your eye. It isn’t something that all people are born with. Some get it later on because of diseases, drugs etc. But you don’t have to worry, as you can get it diagnosed and reduce the effects using glasses and contacts (if you are not born with it) consulting a specialist eye doctor.

  1. Night Blindness

This is also another common eye-sight problem several people are affected from. It means you are unable to find your way during dark time or in dark places. This symptom is caused by lack of Vitamin A or because of cataracts, near-sightedness, or keratoconus. Ad if these factors are the reason behind your night blindness then a doctor can fix it.

  1. Strabismus (Cross Eyes)

Strabismus, as mentioned is the condition of cross eyes or walleye, when you find your eyes not aligned with each other while looking at something. For such a condition, it is advisable to consult an eye surgeon specialist or an ophthalmologist who will surgically correct your weak eye muscles.

  1. Nystagmus

Nystagmus is a condition when your eyes move or kind of jiggle every time. For such a condition it is suggested that you see a doctor who will help reduce the effects or treat the problem through vision therapy.

  1. Uveitis

There is a middle layer in your eye named uvea containing the majority of the blood vessels, and when this region is affected by inflammation leading to a group of diseases then it becomes Uveitis. This is a serious issue as it can cause eye tissue destruction, or in serious condition loss of eye sight. Some people having weak immune system and being affected with ulcerative colitis, or rheumatoid arthritis or AIDS are most likely to develop Uveitis. When you are experiencing symptoms like pain in your eye, redness, blurred vision and light sensitivity, then you should go and check with an eye doctor to diagnose the problem.

  1. Presbyopia

Presbyopia is a condition when, even if you have good distance sight ability, you are unable to see small or close objects clearly. This usually happens after reaching age of 40. This condition does affect many all around the world. And this is corrected using contact lenses, or through an eye surgery known as LASIK, along with other procedures that enhances the vision ability for closer and small objects.

Apart from these eye issues, there are many more that can affect your eye vision and sight. When you are having an eye problem that prolongs for even a bit, you should not take it lightly and immediately visit a super specialty hospital in Noida or anywhere else, to consult a reliable eye specialist or surgeon.





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