7 Tools for the Freelancer to Simplify the Project Management

October 18, 2021

Freelancing may look like an attractive career with flexibility and independence. We often see the bright side of their life when they post vacation pictures while working from the hotel room. However, the picture is incomplete if we ignore the intensive resource and process management.

They take care of everything from marketing to project delivery with fluctuating income. The idea of a remote workplace comes from the advancement of technology to allow remote collaboration. Thus, they should make the best use of available tools to simplify project management and reduce the overall stress.

Cost of Technology for Freelancers

The established freelancers may not consider the cost of essential tools as a serious constraint. However, most freelancers struggle to find clients in the growing competition even with heavy demand. The cost is a severe constraint for them, and it may result in relying on manual or outdated tools.

You can create a list of essential resources to come up with a strategy and budget. Acquire these tools one after another from your savings to reduce financial stress. Or, you can take bad credit loans with instant decisions in Ireland to use the savings as instalments.

Essential Tools for Freelancers to Simplify Management

Professionals are aware of the tools they need to complete a task. Still, we often miss the essential tools and add them to the list of unnecessary tools. However, these tools are indeed important to save time, resources, and efforts to achieve productivity goals.

Here are the essential tools for freelancers to simplify their operations and get rid of unnecessary stress.

1.     Specialised Tools

Every work in the professional world requires a specialised tool that differs with every task. A graphic designer requires powerful editing tools to achieve the desired results without constant lags. Similarly, a writer may need a document processer to complete the task.

You must start with the specialised tools in the list for obvious reasons. Remember, the paid tools will provide numerous features, but you can also manage with the free alternatives. Though, we recommend spending a little extra, if possible, on specialised tools instead of the addons.

2.     Time Management

Productivity is critical if you want to manage different processes within a limited time. You must start scheduling your day, week, and month to achieve the productivity goals. The easy way to create a schedule is the Calendar application on your smartphone, with the option to set reminders.  

However, it has very limited features that may not help much. Dedicated applications for time management comes with more features to track reports and generate reports. You can share these reports with clients to calculate the time spent on their projects or use them for self-improvement.

3.     Invoices Tools

Invoicing seems like an easy task that requires only an excel sheet to calculate the different numbers. On the contrary, you will find multiple processes in the invoicing to get the payment from clients. It starts with entering accurate information to come up with the right bill for every client.

Moreover, you must share the invoice as soon as possible to receive payments from clients on time. They may require a few reminders to complete the transaction before the due date. You may find it easier to manage the invoices and cash inflow with an invoice tool instead of manually entering the details.

4.     Marketing Tools

Marketing should remain your priority to maintain a stable income and create an online presence. Your account on a different platform is necessary, along with a small website to share your talent. However, these are not enough to create a small marketing campaign and keep track of the progress.

You must use SEO tools to make sure the website content rank high on the search results. Email marketing will remain a profitable campaign to retain the existing clients or secure more leads. Contact a direct lender if you’re looking for doorstep loans in Ireland to cover the entire cost of a marketing campaign.

5.     Anti-Distraction Apps

Distractions are the most prominent reasons for your below-expectation productivity, quality, and accuracy. Smartphone notifications, unnecessary searched on Google, and calls from your loved ones are the major form of distractions. You must use a combination of old-school and the latest tools to improve your focus.

Start with installing anti-distraction apps on your smartphone and computer. They will prevent unwanted notifications from diverting your focus from the present task. Similarly, you will find some browser extensions that prevent the users from accessing certain sites or even opening a new tab.

6.     Collaboration Tools

One major reason for the popularity of freelancers in the current environment is the easy collaboration from a remote location. You should have the essential collaboration tool to remain in touch with the client. Moreover, some of the projects may require freelancers to work with a team in real-time like an employee.

Collaboration tools should not cost much if you are targeting the basic processes. Skype is still one of the most popular platforms to interact with clients and other professionals. You can use Google Drive to save, share, and collaborate with a minimal payment to increase the storage space.

7.     Automation Tools

Automation is your best bet to reduce the stress from the busy schedule by eliminating the recurring tasks. Thus, these tools will give more time to focus on the essential processes or relax. It will be a challenging task to find the tasks that need automation to save money on the investment.

You should prioritise the main processes for automation to increase productivity. Other critical tasks may include invoicing, finance management, and marketing tasks. Though, you should avoid the investment in the initial stage of your freelancing career.


To sum up, freelancers should focus on streamlining each process to ease the stress of management. They can use the above tools to search for the right tools that suit their requirements. Keep an eye on the budget as the income is not fixed for freelancers until they establish themselves.

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