7+ Romantic Flower Bouquets for Your Spouse

Flowers are not only beautiful; they evoke emotions and activate feminine energy. A happy woman glows naturally. You can help your spouse retain the natural glow by surprising her with romantic flowers constantly. 

At times you can send her a single rose. Other times you can send a large flower bouquet. First, you need to know a few types of romantic flowers and their meanings. It will help you select the best bouquet for your spouse at any time- You’ll be sending the intended knowledge from the point of knowledge.

Types of Romantic Flowers

There are many types of romantic flowers. Here are a few popular examples. 


Roses are the universal flowers of love. Red roses hold a meaning of deep and affectionate love. They are common on many romantic occasions. You can always


Carnations are a symbol of love, admiration, and fascination. You can send them at any stage of your relationship. If it’s a new union, you can use pink and lighter shades of red. 


Tulips are a flower of love in Victorian history. They have some cup-shaped petals that seem to hug at the budding stage. They are a great and cheaper alternative to roses. 


Orchids are for go-getters. If you have a fearless and adventurous partner, you should surprise her with orchid flower bouquets. They are lovely and a symbol of a free spirit. Their soft petals remind the lady they need tender care and love. 

Gerbera Daisies

Gerbera daisies offer you a wide range of exciting colors. They are larger than other daisies. Thus, they make large and beautiful bouquets. You can use them to express your feelings to your spouse. 


Camellia is a beautiful and exciting flower. They are perfect for couples who have spent many years together. They are a symbol of longevity and faithfulness. You can use the pink or red hues interchangeably. 

Blue Iris 

Some stubborn spouses don’t like moving with crowds. But, they deserve their difference to stand out. Thus, you can surprise them with some romantic blue iris. The flower is a symbol of hope and faith. When you give it, it means you believe in your spouse and hopes the relationship lasts long. 

Romantic Flower Bouquets for Your Spouse

Above are just a few examples of romantic flowers. You can mix them to get fantastic flower bouquets. Below are a few examples. 

Purple Orchid Bouquet

This is a purple-themed orchid bouquet. It’s beautiful with a fresh and romantic fragrance. They have seasonal fillers and greenery to make the bouquet look natural. You can use these romantic flowers to cheer up your spouse. 

Mixed Brilliance Gerbera Blossoms

Gerbera daisies exist in a variety of colors. A Mixed brilliance bouquet has every color you can get. Ensure the bouquet has enough greenery to serve as a base for the flowers. In addition, you can add some baby breath for decorative purposes. 

Rose All Day Bouquet

‘Roses in the morning, roses in the noontime.’ That’s the song that will ring when you receive these romantic flowers. They have roses, mini roses, hydrangea, and alstroemeria. 

Long Stem Red Roses

Roses show the epitome of love. They are best presented if they stand tall. You can get the best of it when you offer long-stemmed roses. The offer comes in 6 stems, 12 stems, or 24 stems. Your choice depends on your budget. 

Watermelon Punch Bouquet

Watermelon punch? No, it’s not what you are thinking about. This beautiful bouquet contains some pink blooms mixed with some lush greenery. It has some hot pink roses, Peruvian lilies, carnations, and green button poms; The bouquet looks simple and sweet. It’s perfect for all occasions. 

Sweet Surprise Bouquet

Sweet surprise is a combination of roses, daisies, carnations, camellias, and some greenery. The flowers stand bold and bright. They are the perfect gift on a sunny or a rainy day. 

Bold Pink Calla Lily Bouquet

Calla lilies are bold in whatever hue you find them. Their trumpet appearance announces your love and affection from far. Their petals last long, just as you would wish your love to last. The bold pink calla lily is the best romantic flower surprise you can get for your spouse; They are best when you send them as potted flowers. That way, they will cheer them up for an extended period. 

Sorbet Bouquet 

This bouquet is artistic and needs a florists touch. It has a combination of carnations, spider moms, poms, and roses. They are arranged in a wooden box. Their uniqueness is eye-catching. 


The combination of romantic flowers makes the best flower bouquet for your spouse. You can send them on any occasion. You need not wait for the special dates to surprise her. The random surprises within the year help to strengthen your romance. 

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