7 Digital Marketing Trends of Focus in 2021

We get to live in a time that we get to use social media as a tool – Gigi Hadid

The year 2020 has been a chaos for everybody. It has changed everything, the way of living, interacting and foremost shopping. As per the required need of social distancing and staying at home. People tend to spend most of their time at social media websites for the purpose of entertainment and time pass.

In order to be safe, the majority of people opted for online shopping due to which E-commerce sales are at a peak. This has made a lot of brands to change their marketing strategies and shift to digital marketing. We have come up with 7 digital marketing trends to give you an insight into how other companies are doing marketing. You can also opt for these trends to connect with the customers.

Live streams are the new normal

The pandemic has made everybody to sit at home, which means people were unable to meet each other in person. They are not even able to meet their friends and family members. This made a lot of people to tune into live streaming, in this way they were able to show how they were doing. A lot of celebrities also did live streaming in order to promote a particular brand or simply connect to their fans.

Due to the popularity of live streaming, a lot of social media platform incorporated the option of going live in their application. As they don’t want to be left behind in this new marketing strategy. People used their medium to give reviews about the certain product they were using like Amazon live really got the attention in the lockdown. Influencers did the promotion of their favourite products, which made the viewer’s trust in the brand and make the purchase.

Using Ads in the most effective way

You must have seen ads of different products popping up on your Facebook News Feed, during Instagram stories or any other sides. Many companies are investing in digital marketing through ad optimization. As it is a new way in which companies can easily connect with people and can buy customers. Advanced essay writing service companies are working on ad optimization using Facebook’s new ad placement customization to reach their goals

Brands go for goodwill and purposeful goal

Brands go out of their way to make their place in the society. As people will not be able to trust brands that are suspicious or insincere. Customers will not be able to invest in brands of which they haven’t heard about before. Brands need find the reason that why are they existing and how can they serve others. It has been observed that more and more are doing good things in order to get the highlight. Like Hilton’s #HotelsForHeroes, where they gave away free rooms to medical workers in order to have a comfortable place to stay between shifts and protect their families back home.

Messaging platforms

Social network messaging platforms like WhatsApp, Messenger and Snapchat are offering more opportunities to reach audience as there are billions of users in this interesting social network/messaging platforms. As these applications allow direct and group messaging’s, which can help in promoting a particular product easily.

Focus on UGC

User-generated content (UGC) is any content- text, video, images, reviews etc. Brands often share UGC on their own social media accounts, websites and other marketing channels. The most common platforms that brands use is Instagram, their users share post featuring their brand, exposing products and services to the audience. UGC is one of the best ways digital marketing as it promote authenticity, creates trust and make people to purchase their product.

Customer’s privacy protection on advertising effectiveness

Many people have come up with the same statement that whatever they search on Google, after sometime they start seeing ads of that product on Facebook. While it is chrome strategy that even though increasing privacy, it still protects its advertising interest. However a change has been seen with Apple’s iOS 14 release with the impact on advertising options and tracking with its privacy settings. If it’s true then it can turn out to be the worst nightmare of Google and Facebook. As Facebook is worried that users won’t opt for tracking when given choice.

Voice and visual search is the future

With the development of technology, the ways of searching a particular thing has also changed. People like to use voice-activated tools like Alexa. As it seems more interesting and user-friendly, similarly visual search is also on its way to rise. Tools like Google lens enable consumers to search whatever they can see. Therefore marketers should focus on making their image alt-text and site maps for images. As it can be estimated that in future who redesigns their websites to support visual and voice search will increase their digital commerce revenue by 30%.

Till now you must have got an idea that what are the new trends of digital marketing are and how can you adopt them for your company. As many brands have made the most of this opportunity to reach their buyers. So opt for any trend and be the center of attention in the market.

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