7 Best Features of High Tensile Fastener Manufacturers in India

Fastener manufacturers should be keen on the products they take to the market. That’s why the Bureau of Indian Standards gives them some strict rules. Yet, that is not enough. To scoop a good share market, they must make a high-end product to attract long term clients. These clients will send other clients to the manufacturers, thus creating a link to return clients. Here are the seven best features each fastener manufacturer should have on their products.

Male and Female Threading 

Fastener manufacturers make many fastener tools that hold two pieces together. The fasteners in the form of nuts and bolts need string threading. The nuts have the male threading. It is called male since it is on the outer surface of the bolt. The nut has inner threading. It is where shoddy fastener manufacturers go wrong. If the threading is not perfect, the nuts will be loose. They won’t serve their purpose well. Thus, the fasteners will be of low quality. 

The fastener needs to have high-quality material. It ensures the tread does not wear out after a short time. 

Elastic Modulus

Fasteners fix joints. In most cases, they go through high tension. What keeps the clasp intact is the elasticity. Elastic modulus is the ability of an element to resist strain. If a metal can bend without breaking, then it means it has high elasticity. 

One way to ensure your fastener is of high quality, check their elasticity. There are some cases you will need to bend the fasteners. If they are not elastic, they will break loose. 

Stress and Strain Curves

Fasteners can be used in strenuous conditions. For instance, it may be in a tool that goes through extreme heat and extreme cold. Thus, it should be adaptive to both extremes. If it has an acceptable stress and strain curve, it will not expand and contract so much. The metal should be cured not to bow to the strain. But, if the metal has a deformity, it becomes weaker along or around the weak point. That section can break down when subjected to heat. 


In full, this is the ultimate tensile strength. It is the highest degree of stress that a material can withstand. It is also the breaking point of any material. Fasteners should have a high UTS. It ensures that the tools function well, even at high-stress conditions. Although you expect to use the fasteners under normal conditions, it is good to cater to a crisis. 

Since fasteners are made of different materials, then it means they have additional ultimate tensile strength. The materials with high UTS are best since they do not lose their power with little heat rise.

Proof Strength

Each material has a degree of proof strength. You can ask the fastener manufacturer about the proof strength of their products. Also, it will advise on the quality of the work. The proof strength relies on other properties such as UTS, strain curve, elastic modulus, Etc.

The proof strength should be at or close to 0.2%. Anything above that alters the quality of the fastener. The proof strength shows that the fasteners will work well, even in raised heat levels. 

Fracture Strain 

The expansion and contraction of metals under varying temperatures can cause fractures. However, different materials have varied fracture strain. When a material develops a fracture, it can still perform typically. However, there is a degree of fracture that causes deterioration of strength in a fastener. Consult your fastener manufacturer in the details about the fracture strain

Ultimate Strain

It is the overall strain that a fastener can handle. You get the ultimate pressure after you evaluate all the points we have discussed above. If a material faces all the above tensions at the same time, how can it withstand? It is unlikely for material to undergo all the stresses at the same time. But the higher the ultimate strain, the stronger the fastener. 


Features of a fastener make the tool strong to hold two parts of an item. You can understand the features better if you consult the fastener manufacturers. Get insights from different companies before you settle on your supplier.


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