7 Amazing Rose Petals Uses You Didn’t Know About


Rose Petals Uses – Ahh, lovely and sweet Rose flower a symbol of love. But after a few days, they start to dry, and eventually their smell and beauty fade away. You can enjoy the rose aroma for a long time without worrying about its freshness. Here are 7 amazing Rose petals Uses that allow you a long time to consume the smell of your lovely Roses.

Rose Petal Uses –

Let’s find out  different ways of Rose petals uses to keep you engaged with the rose beautiful smell


Rose Potpourri- 

Potpourri is a great way to decorate your house and living room with the amazing smell of flowers and herbs. These smells and views will keep you relaxed and Rose Potpourri is one of the amazing Uses of Potpourri. It allows you to use rose petals for aroma. Just take some dry rose petals and Use them in your potpourri to get a  potpourri with a rose aroma.


Rose Petals Uses as Gulkand-

Gulkand is one of the great and sweetest uses of rose petals that can always give you the feeling of rose. Gulkand is known for its Cooling effect on the Body. It helps you with Mouth ulcers and is also good for your eyes. That’s why it is one of the Best uses of rose petals.  


Make Rose Water from Rose Petals-

 Another one of Rose petals Uses is homemade rose water. Homemade rose water is a great way to use roses in your daily life. You can use this rose water for cooking and for skincare. If this rose petal is used for skin, it provides you a smoother and wrinkle-free skin.


Make Tea From Rose Petals-

 The best way to enjoy the aroma of roses in the morning is Tea made from dried rose petals.  A tea mixture of all kinds of herbs but having an aroma of rose will make your day healthy. And Rose Petal tea is one of the best-dried rose petals uses

To make tea using Rose petals, take some Dried Rose petals and mix them with the herb mix you regularly use for your tea. Add Boiling water in Cup and use the new mixture in the water soon your tea will start emitting a beautiful rose aroma around the room.

Make Rose Sugar Scrub-

The best way rose petal uses for skin is rose sugar scrub. A Homemade alternative for chemical scrubs. Sugar cleans small pores of your skin and rose provides you with smooth skin. Put a cup of sugar and Rose petals in your Mixer grinder and add some coconut oil to provide thickness and blend. Use it daily before bath and get astonishing results. Rose sugar scrub is one of the unique and healthy rose petals uses in this list.


Make Dried Rose Wreath-

 A great way to use Dried roses is making a Dried Rose Wreath. Get some elastic bands and arrange them in a circular direction if you want then you can also use some rose stems to give it a greenish look. Hang a rose wreath inside your living room or outside and demonstrate your lovely art made from dried roses.


Rose petals Used as Bath Soak- 

  A great way to get relaxed after all day’s work is to Bath and adding Rose petals with bath salt will bring you in a calm and relaxed state. This Rose petal Uses in your bath is a complete Mood freshener for you. Try using some magnesium Rich salt like Himalayan pink salt with rose petals for best results.

Final Say 

Hope you loved these amazing Rose Petals Uses and I hope you are going to try these uses by yourself.

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