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Here are The Top Things to do in Rajasthan for a Perfect Desert Vacation

Rajasthan is the Royal state located in India and completely justifies its essence for Royal culture. You can feel the same in its food, beautiful culture, heritage sites, Havelies, palaces, lakes, and thousands of other things.

 Therefore, whether you love to look at history, are willing to go to excellent tourist destinations, and think about having some adventurous stuff. All these things you can do here at this beautiful land because it has everything for every type of traveler. 

So, undoubtedly there are so many things to do there, but here in this article, we have come up with top things that you can do to make your experience more stunning. 


1.Vintage Car Rally in Rajasthan.

Most of us love to see vintage cars, don’t we? If you also want to see beautiful and awe-inspiring machines with your open eyes, then you should go for a Rajasthan tour Because these rallies are organized on its colorful streets, and several great vintage cars take place in this rally. If you are mad about cars, especially classic ones, this is one of the important reasons to visit here.


2.Do trekking and visit hill stations.

You may think trekking can be harder to do during the summer, but you can enjoy an excellent environment and feel the absolute adventure if you visit here during the good season.

You can see the lush greenery of Alwar and can visit mount Abu for trekking. If you love adventure tastes during your tour, then it can be another reason to visit Rajasthan.

You all need to go independently or look for good Rajasthan tour packages from Delhi. It does not cost you, but it is advisable to carry a map and other essential accessories.


3.Chokhi Dhani

Are you a foodie, or should I say mad for delicious foods? If yes, then it is a tasty reason to visit Rajasthan and visit Chokhi Dhani. This place offers royal hospitality and caters to tons of avid travelers eager to have tasty foods. 

It is also a great destination if you are willing to make a Rajasthan honeymoon tour. It costs just Rs 1600 for two persons, and you can enjoy a variety of food. Also if you do not like Rajasthani food, you will enjoy the royal treatment they offer. 


4.Elephant Ride

  • Have you ever taken a royal elephant ride? If not, you should visit Rajasthan because you can get special memories here to remember for your whole life. 
  • Here you can also do several other activities like giving showers to elephants and feeding them sugarcanes. 
  • Once you reach Jaipur, you can enjoy your day by doing this activity in Dera Amer. 
  • You can take help from a travel agency or other person knowing to plan a full Rajasthan itinerary
  • Because once you plan your travel itinerary, you can start visiting the things you decided.


5.Make Camel your Friend.

  • This is one common but exciting thing to do in Rajasthan, especially if you are in Bikaner. 
  • The best thing is you can go here with your Rajasthan budget tour as well. 
  • And when you reach any farms of Bikaner where you do not need to pay any single rupee, you can try to make friends with camels or their kids to play with them. 
  • But during this excellent enjoyment, do not forget to taste their fresh ice cream with camel milk. 


6.Float in Blue Sky with Ballooning

If you want to float in the blue sky with hot air ballooning, then you should visit this wonderful land of kings. It is one of the most spine-tingling activities that you can do in Rajasthan. 

When you take this ride, you can see beautiful landscapes and feel the authentic charm of this beautiful place. It is one of the best activities to do during the complete Rajasthan tour, especially during the traveling season. 


7.Desert Camping

Desert camping is another great activity that will call you repeatedly to plan the tour of Rajasthan. During the desert camping, you will enjoy dancing, see the blue sky, taste delicious meals, and such a relaxing environment. 

If you want to take away the stress of city life, then this is the perfect activity you can do during the Rajasthan tour. So, if you are also willing to do desert camping, you should also go to this beautiful place.



So, in this article, we discuss what things you can do during the Rajasthan tour. We also try to understand why you should visit Rajasthan and what you can do there. Thus, if you want to take a look at colorful culture, see unique festivals, visit car rallies, do camping, trekking, and tons of other things. 

In that case, the Rajasthan travel idea can be a fantastic deal for you. Moreover, if you want to add some of the other excellent activities to do in Rajasthan or visit any other tourist places, you can comment below to share with us.

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