November 1, 2021

Organizing your home has many advantages. For example, you can easily find everything again. But it is also a lot neater and it gives more peace of mind at home. However, organizing is less simple than it seems. Because where do you put everything? And how do you make sure you can find everything again? These are 6 tips to efficiently organize your home.


Emptying an attic or attic results in a huge pile of stuff, junk and boxes. So how does that help organize your home? Very simple: by clearing these types of storage spaces, you can see what you have again. It is good to do this every 5 years on average. Really bring everything out so you can figure it out.


Note: only do this if you already have some experience with organizing. If you want to try it for the first time, it’s better to start with a smaller project like a closet.



There are storage boxes in all shapes and sizes. If you want to clean up as cheaply as possible, choose large transparent bins that can hold a lot of stuff. Of course, the format also has to match what you want to put in it. Make sure you have enough boxes to work through in 1 go. Cardboard boxes are also allowed, although transparent bins are convenient because you can immediately see into them.



Time to start sorting out your stuff. Sort all the things and put them one by one. What’s useful depends on the stuff and on your own logic. Make sure that you can also find things that you are looking for at the same time. For example, all summer clothes together in one box, all hobby items from the same hobby together in one box and so on. Is a box not completely full? Then don’t put things that don’t really belong in it! This way you lose the overview again.



If you want to organize everything properly, a label printer is your best friend. With the label printer you can easily make labels and stick them directly on the boxes. This way you can see at a glance what is in the bins without opening them. You prefer to make several labels for a box and describe what is in it as precisely as possible. This way you can find everything later without opening all the boxes again. Are you going to buy another printer ? Then you can choose one with which you can also print larger labels. Get the More home tips



Once the attic or loft is organized, move on to your closets. Take them one by one. You organize wardrobes by season, by type of clothes and of course also by the place where they belong. You usually put socks and underwear in drawers, shirts, sweaters and trousers can be folded up on the shelves and blouses, neat shirts, cardigans and dresses can be hung on clothes hangers. Cabinets for hobby items are organized in the same way as the attic. Place the craft supplies in appropriate boxes or baskets and label them clearly. Leave as few items as possible loose in the cupboard, because then you lose the overview faster.



Many people find it difficult to throw something away. But be honest: how often do you still look at the notebooks where you wrote your first scribbles in primary school? Be rigorous and clean up thoroughly. You don’t have to throw everything away: keep a few items per category and get rid of the rest. Throw out bad things. Items that are still good enough can be recycled. Only use Marktplaats for things that really bring in a lot of money: smaller things are better off immediately so that you get rid of them.


Organizing your house gives a nice tidy feeling. Moreover, it is of course nice that you can find everything again. Organizing is something you can learn. Do you find it very difficult? Then start with a single closet and work your way up to large projects like the attic. If you really like it, get started right away. This way your house is tidy again and you also have extra space to do other things.

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