6 Tips to Improve Men Health with Ageing

September 22, 2021

Health is important, no matter what age or gender you belong to. Recently, there has been sufficient focus on women’s health owing to it becoming a global issue. However, men’s health is equally as important as that of women.

Men are less likely to consider their health unless it is a health problem. However, these high-performers are the ones who need to be considered for both physical and mental health. Be mindful that you are a man not a macho man so, you might need rest, you can also get unhealthy.

Men’s Health- Why is it Important?

Older men especially are prone to many different health problems because gender is an important risk factor for many important diseases. Not only this but ageing and everyday stress can take a toll on men’s physical, emotional as well as their sexual health, said a renowned sexologist doctor in Karachi

Men’s health is of utmost importance and here are the tips for men that can help them to stay healthy in all aspects.

1- Eat healthily

I know you must have heard about this advice from nearly everyone. As simple as it said, it isn’t that easy to follow. A healthy diet ensures good health is something we can agree upon. Not only it is needed for your sexual health, but following a healthy diet also reduces your risk of different types of diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancers and many other chronic diseases. Consider including natural and healthy ingredients in your diet to fulfil your body’s nutritional requirements. Further, a dietician or nutritionist can help with the food choices modification with time.

2- Ensure physical activity

Physical activity is important for your physical and mental health and there is no exception to this. Sufficient physical activity can surely help you to live better, reduce your disease risk and increase your lifespan as well. It also accounts for good cardiac health alongside stamina, balance and body strength. You can start doing a workout or can keep yourself physically active by any of the activities you like to perform. You can do it on your own or can take help from a professional to help you to define the extent, duration and type of physical activity.

3- Quit bad lifestyle habits

You should leave habits, as much as possible. Some of these habits include smoking and alcohol consumption. Smoking and alcohol consumption increases your risk of different chronic diseases and has got all the reasons to quit it. No matter what age you are, it’s never too late to give up on these habits to have a healthy and better future tomorrow.

4- Get your regular health checkups

No matter how healthy you eat or work out, you can’t avoid all the diseases, especially the ones that come from your genes. A regular health checkup, however, can be helpful in preventing many different diseases. Regular health checkups and screening can diagnose many of the health problems at an initial stage making treatment easier. Here a recommended practice is to keep an eye on the diseases that are a part of your family history.  

5- Keep your stress level down

Stresses are everywhere and too much stress can be bad for you. Too much stress can increase your risk of different diseases and put your mental and emotional wellbeing at risk. Stress management is a proven technique to help yourself live better. Make sure you keep your stress level in check, see whenever there is a problem and seek out help from a psychologist.  

6- Take regular pauses

I know you have got the responsibilities, there are deadlines to meet and you have a lot of burden on your shoulders so can you leave it as it is? Of course, not. If you keep yourself overly occupied, surely you will suffer more. Thus, regular and frequent breaks from work and monotonous life can be a good idea. Plan vacations, take breaks on weekends, spend time with your loved ones and perform the activities you love to help you feel better.

Bottom Line!

Men’s health, both physical and mental, is quite important. Ageing, workload, everyday stresses, deadlines to meet, all of these can take a toll on men’s health. Thus, it is important to take all the necessary measures to protect your health alongside ensuring regular health checkups to promote your health. 

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