6 Facts About Valentine’s Day You Should Know

Flowers are synonymous with Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t matter what expensive gift you buy; a flower should be part of it. Chocolate is great, but with a bouquet, it’s even better. They come in different names, shapes, colors, and sizes. Somehow they seem to lighten up the mood for most.

Have you ever tried to understand this phenomenon? Where flowers dictate a holiday? There are some fun facts behind Valentine’s day flowers. This article is going to reveal some of them.

  1. Valentine’s Day carries the record for the most flowers bought in a day. Mothers Day comes second. It is estimated that more than 200 million roses are exchanged. Talk about a happy valentine’s Day. Keep in mind these are just roses. The number is higher if we factor in other flowers such as tulips, carnations, or lilies.  Florists prefer the Day to fall on a weekend since that would mean better income. 2021 valentine’s Day fell on a Sunday, and they were laughing all the way to the bank despite the Covid restrictions. 
  2. Red roses are the most popular flowers during Valentines. Red is a color associated with deep feelings and desire. However, it is believed that the meaning dates back to ancient Rome. The goddess of love, Venus, loved roses. Somehow they have become part of modern culture all over the world. The red rose leading the park. There are other popular flowers that have given roses a run for their money. A great example is turnips and daisies. However, when with the decline in production, roses have managed to beat the odds and come out on top. It’s never easy to array from years of Valentine’s day flower traditions.
  3. The top 5 most searched flowers will shock you. Not! Red roses top the list of flowers customers order online. Over 50% of the orders, whether online or in physical shops, we’re roses. No surprise there. Carnations came in second, be it a distant second. Their popularity is linked to the fact that they look like roses. The third flowers on the list were lilies. Lilies aren’t for everyone, so I understand the reluctance to buy them. These were followed by Peruvian lilies, then lastly, Tulips. Both are beautiful in their own right, but roses still take the cake.
  4. You ever wondered how roses are so fresh on Valentines Day? There is no secret. Growers tend to plant the flowers in controlled environments so that they can bloom on Valentine’s Day. This is one of the main reasons you can have a happy Valentine’s Day. Nonetheless, there are also other factors that contribute to fresh blooms. Genetic is one of them. Some flowers are just susceptible to last longer than others. Make sure you know which flower is suitable for you before making that purchase. Another reason is how long the flower has been in the shop without refrigeration. Cool temperatures preserve the freshness for longer.
  5. Giving flowers is a tradition that seemed from the Victorian era. Some refer to it as the lingo of flowers. In the Victorian era, flowers were used to express oneself. Different flowers had different meanings, and one had to learn how to decide. Or at least have a cheat code sheet. Citizens at the time could not express their desires orally, and so choreography became a thing. At the time, just like now, roses were a favorite. Yet, other flowers could not be ignored. Carnations, tulips, and lilies still got to shine. Eventually, some flowers got different meanings leading to ambiguity. Some of those meaning are still applicable today.
  6. Did you know that a majority of those who buy flowers on Valentine’s Day are men? Recent statistics have shown that almost 65% of Valentine’s day flowers were bought by men. Nothing surprising here. However, the number of ladies who bought flowers showed an increase. While some bought it for their loved ones, some bought it for themselves. Now that is self-love.  Again the red rose makes an appearance. They were also the most sought-after flowers during the last Valentine’s Day. Women preferred to buy flowers online while men spent their money in physical shops. Surprisingly, women have become willing, over the years, to buy their men gifts. Traditionally, it was them being the recipients.


There are more facts about the culture of Valentine’s day flowers. You can now get a better understanding of why flowers are important and the meaning behind them. You can also find great ideas on what flower to get for your loved ones. One thing is for sure, Valentine’s flowers are here to stay. 

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