5 Tips if You Use Flexclip to Make Your Youtube Videos

In order to make a good YouTube video, it is necessary to have some basic editing knowledge, but today, many tools help a lot with the task.

Logically, the success of a video depends on many factors, not just editing. The content, the setting, the grace when presenting, the crazy YouTube algorithm, the words and tags used. It’s a lot of work, so if you can save it when editing, the better.

One of my favorite tools when it comes to editing is FlexClip since it allows you to add transitions, several videos at the same time, lyrics, effects and background music. This all-in-one video maker does not require much editing knowledge.


Let’s look at some tips before you get down to business:


Import all the recorded video and divide it into chunks depending on the topics you deal with. Each piece can have its own texts, its second floating video, its effects, etc. For this, it is important to be very clear about the cut-off moments of each episode.

Create an initial cover of about 3 seconds to give some context, with a transition that goes slightly to the first video.

Eliminate the audio of the floating videos that you put so that two videos with sound do not appear at the same time.

Do not worry if when you put floating video, the audio of the main video appears with some kind of lag, and it is an error that only appears in the preview. The final video will be perfect. However, it may take a long time to export it (depending on the graphic power of your computer).

If you put music in the background or any other sound effect, be careful with the volume. Unfortunately, it is not possible to put more than one sound effect in the whole video, but it can be positioned at any time you want by pressing the TRIM button.




It cannot be compared with a professional editor, nor with open shot and the like, but it is web-based, the learning curve is very fast, and the results are very good.

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