5 Techniques For Successful LinkedIn lead Generation In 2021

If you’re a marketer or a sales professional, regardless of the industry, you must be on LinkedIn. It’s a professional network where millions of sales professionals, decision-makers, companies, etc. are present. B2B marketers are finding this platform quite useful for generating qualified leads by using LinkedIn automation tools. 

LinkedIn automation tools: How to get started

LinkedIn is, undoubtedly, a great platform where businesses get introduced to one another and build healthy and long-lasting professional relationships. While there is no particular formula for generating leads, there are some tools and technologies that help you generate significant results in a short time. 

Here’s how to build a healthy sales funnel with the best LinkedIn automation tools.

1. Start with the right strategy

Marketers and sales professionals have many misconceptions about LinkedIn that keep them from taking advantage of this platform completely. 

A common mistake that they make is using advanced LinkedIn automation tools to send connections and wanting to expand the network over the night. 

Pushing LinkedIn quickly to build a healthy sales funnel quickly is a common misconception. It will only get your account flagged as spam. 

The best way to avoid this is to make a proper strategy first. Understand how to use the best LinkedIn automation tools first and start slowly. 

2. Optimize Your Profile

You might think of this point as a no-brainer and that’s why most professionals don’t consider optimizing their account. 

Optimizing your profile is a crucial step because, without it, your profile might get lost in the large sea. If you want to show up in search results, you need to add relevant keywords. 

People who tend to generate leads using the latest LinkedIn automation tools should optimize their profiles in the step. 

You need to add a value proposition and specific niche to narrow down the targeted audience so your product or service could benefit the people who most interested in it.

So, focus on your profile, have an attention-getting headline, and make sure it seems trustworthy to prospects.

3. Engage Meaningfully

Engaging is the key component to increase your outreach on all social media platforms especially LinkedIn. The primary objective of this platform is to help professionals to engage and connect with each other. 

When you start engaging, you start finding opportunities to connect and generate leads through other people’s networks. Join LinkedIn groups and engage on posts as much as you can instead of becoming a wallflower. 

Post relevant and thoughtful content in the groups that if free of the sales pitch. Let people get attracted to your content; provide them what they really want to read.

When they start engaging with your content, you will be able to build a strong identity and relationships with industry-specific people. This step is crucial towards building a healthy and strong lead generation funnel.
4. Wise Outreach With LinkedIn Automation 

Once you have optimized your profile, it’s time to run an outreach campaign. 

When using the best LinkedIn automation tools to start an outreach campaign, start slowly and set daily limits of sending connect requests and messages. 

Use filters of the LinkedIn automation tools to narrow down your audience and reach exactly the right prospects that can be your potential lead in the future. 

When writing connect notes, don’t be sales-y, provide the prospects something that they would be interested in and will be triggered to respond to you. 

Use the cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools to collect information about their interests and then craft messages as per their interests. 

5. Set Inbuilt Safety Limits

As discussed earlier, when using LinkedIn automation tools, marketers often make the mistake of sending thousands of connect requests in one night and get their account blocked. You can’t afford to lose a well-established LinkedIn account.

Why most people fail to even reach the first level of lead generation is because they use unreliable bots, chrome extensions, or browser tools that are easily detected by LinkedIn. 

The solution?

Use a LinkedIn automation tool that provides inbuilt safety limits. What does it mean? It means these tools would enable you to set daily limits according to LinkedIn’s ToS and you can eventually increase the number once your account has been established.

6. Use Personalization
Personalization is becoming one of the biggest buzzwords in marketing strategies. Buyers are personalizing their sales and marketing efforts to get better outcomes.

This is because customers have got so many options these days and what attracts them more is the personalized experience and exceptional services.

Thus, it is important that you use advanced personalization in your lead generation process if you want to do successful outreach and generate leads faster. 

Some people think that adding someone’s name in the message is all about personalization. But if you really want to get the attention of your customers, you need to go one step ahead. Do thorough research about customers and create personalized content and message that they would really want to read. 

7. Go for cloud-based automation tools

Though there are many chrome-based extensions in the market, go for a cloud-based automation tool. Cloud-based solutions provide dedicated IPs that keep your log-in details secured and LinkedIn can’t detect your activity.

Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools work from the backend and a user doesn’t need to monitor the activity the whole time. Moreover, they operate from the cloud which means the chances of LinkedIn detection are very low. 

Here we have mentioned some amazing techniques that can help you strengthen your lead generation funnel and get amazing results. Test them out and you’d really see amazing lead generation results in a short time. 

Remember: Your audience is the most important element of your lead generation journey. Know the theme, their problems, their pain points, and then create the best lead generation strategy. 

Use the right automation tools, craft personalized messages and keep inbuilt safety limits in mind when automating your lead generation process. 

Let us how these techniques brought improvement in your leads and sales funnel.





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