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5 Steps To Do Eyebrows For Beginners

Properly maintained brows may significantly impact your overall look by framing your face and balancing your overall features. That is why most women nowadays are obsessed with having beautiful brows. But what about those who are just getting started?

There are so many different methods to style and shape your eyebrows that it may be very daunting. If you’ve never done your brows before, or if it’s your first time, you should start with the simplest method, which is using a pencil.

And to help you with that, we’ve included five simple methods to do your brows below.

5 Easy Ways To Do Your Eyebrows

1. Find the Right Product

The very first procedure is to select an eyebrow pencil. To give you an idea, check out Ink & Arch Pro‘s outstanding eyebrow products online. A shade of beige will work for most individuals and is the most excellent place to start when it comes to color. Taupe adds depth to dark brows while overpowering lighter hair.

Test various colors on the back of your hand to determine whether they have warm or cold undertones. Warm tones will complement your red hair. Different hair colors must keep to colder undertones.

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Blondes must pick a light taupe or a pencil one or two shades darker than their actual hair color, while Brunettes should pick a pencil one or two lighter than their hair color. If you don’t want furious, wicked brows, don’t attempt black or a tint darker than your hair.

Those with raven black hair should avoid using black pencils. Instead, go with a dark brown or taupe. Redheads could experiment with taupe and medium brown, while grey-haired ladies must go for light brown or beige rather than another shade of grey.

2. Identify Your Natural Brow Shape

To begin filling the brows, you should first choose your desired brow shape. Your brows’ inner corners must be in level with the corners of your nose. To estimate this, you may use a long pencil, a make-up brush, or another item.

Align the straight edge with the outside of your nose and the inner of your eye. Your brow should start where the straight edge is. Make a mark with the brow pencil in this place. Apply this to both brows.

To decide where your arch must be, look straight ahead and align the straight edge to the outside of your nose and your pupil. Make a note of this place. Define your eyebrow tip by aligning the straight corner through your nose exterior and the outside border of your eye.

Choose a brow shape that complements your features. Some individuals would instead choose a shape based on their overall face shape rather than measuring for a precise standard. Look online for the most acceptable brow form for your face shape.

3. Tweeze With Care

Unwanted hairs may be removed using tweezers. Pluck any hairs that are outside of your desired brow line. To remove hairs entirely, use the prongs of the tweezers to find the root of the hair and pull rapidly in the opposite way of the hair development.

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Always pluck at the lower part of your brow since plucking from the top will leave you with stray forehead hair for the rest of your life. Avoid over-plucking and constantly pluck a few more, but if you go too far, you’ll appear severe and naked up top.

Pluck a few hairs off the top or bottom, depending on your preference, to get the required shape. Brush your brows you depend upon and pluck any hairs that are below your brow line. You may pluck your brows to the desired width, but interchange working on them to make them more even, and take a step back to see how it appears in the mirror.

4. Trim Strays With Scissors

After you’ve tweezed your brows, the following step is to trim any stray hairs. Using a spoolie or clear brow gel, comb your brows upward. The trick is to search for curly outliers, those that stick out of the brow.

To avoid limiting the sight of your brow, clip one hair at a time with the scissors at a downward angle. You don’t know what you’re about to get if you can’t see it. If you cut the tail too much, you may end up with gaps. Ends are inherently sparser, and you depend on the length among those hairs to build them out, so be sparing.

5. Fill Eyebrows With Pencil

Fill in your brows with gentle, upward pencil strokes. Concentrate on sparse places, scuffing the pencil strokes to seem like natural hair. The pigment must be focused on the arch and tail of your brow; the thicker region near your nose must be lighter and less dense.

If you have uneven brows, utilize the pencil to grow hair to the top of the lower brow instead of tweezing the upper one. Remember, your brows are siblings, not twins. It’s okay if they don’t appear identical.

Hair should be drawn in. Draw tiny artificial hairs on the top of the darkened brow you’ve previously drawn with gentle, upward strokes. This layering will assist in creating a 3-D appearance and make your brows seem more defined. Soften the edges of your brows with a cotton swab to give them a more natural appearance.

Using a spoolie or brow brush, blend the color. Brush the spoolie through your brows again, this time from front to tail, using gentle strokes. This will soften and shade the color, giving the brows a more natural appearance. Keep the color concentrated on the arch and tail of your brow.


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