5 Resourceful Places For Good quality But Free Pallet Collection

The popularity of pallets for arts and crafts projects and other similar house craft projects is growing. If you are wondering where to visit for free pallet collection or availing of the low-cost ones,  then you must find a trusted supplier for the used pallets. Starting the business of pallet recycling can also be the reason for your constant need.

The pallets you get for no cost are typically of unusual sizes, inferior quality, or undesirable to the present user for the poor appearance and physical condition. If you are aware of maintaining all the safety measures while collecting the used pallets for free.

Here goes the list of the most resourceful places to find these pallets:

1. Small facilities or local shops

Do not expect to get  free pallet  at the large pallet generating sources like the supermarkets, manufacturing plants, or big-box retailers. Large businesses always have individual pallet programs to reuse the materials internally.

  • Small shops usually dispose of the pallets. So it becomes easier to collect from them without paying any additional charges. 
  • Look for the sources that do not have the strength to recycle the used products like the schools or senior residences. You will collect what is scrap to them, and so, there is no question of paying money.

2. Bars and craft beer locations

The availability of free pallets is high when the users empty these structures and dispose of them. For regular free pallet collection, you have to pinpoint the one-off palletized delivery locations where unwanted pallets accumulate daily. For instance, the bars get the pallets constantly as a part of the beer bottle supply. If you keep on coming back to regular intervals, you will surely get the ones for free.

3. Apply logic

The pallet recycling companies and the professional pallet collectors are the ones who will capture the larger pallet sources. So think of the options that won’t come under the consideration of the giant companies. 

Watch out for ads online, calling for fee pallet removal. It can be one of the best ways for a free pallet collection. 

  • Check out the fresh produce markets that generate healthy quantities of these objects. However, many of these companies have agreements with the suppliers for returning the used pallets to the suppliers only. But visiting the place and asking about the availability of the empty pallets is not a bad idea as some sellers might be thinking of disposing of the damaged ones. 

4. Furniture store

Heaps of empty pallets lying outside the back door of a reputed furniture store are not an uncommon sight. The furniture materials that come without assembly arrive in various sizes of pallets. So it can become a resource for free pallet collection as these stores do not store the packaging structures or usually don’t have options to recycle.

5. Stationery shops

It is better to target the sources that will use the pallets with customization in size. The stationary items do not always come inside the standard boxes. Customization of the pallets makes them inappropriate for reuse. Hence, these become the potential source for free pallet collectionThe wood quality will be good in these cases as the one-time use can hardly cause any damage to the objects.


So it will be ideal for any DIY crafts project or if you have started a recycling business on a small scale. A steady supply of the pallets and that too, without any cost, are the two factors that can help you set up the pallet recycling business or encourage in executing more arts and crafts projects. 

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