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5 Nutrition Rich Lunch Box Ideas For Kids

The chances are that you spend quite a fair amount of your time thinking about healthy lunch box ideas for your kids. This is entirely understandable since kids are not the easiest people to pack a lunch. Firstly, they are fussy eaters who might start complaining if they get the same lunch every day. Secondly, they only want their food to be yummy and delicious, without much regard for the “healthy” aspect of it.


But, as a parent, this creates quite a challenge for you because you have to toe the line between healthy and tasty and, at the same time, come up with something new as frequently as you can. So, to help you out in the matter, here are five nutrition-rich lunch box ideas that the kids will love for sure.

1. Veggies and Hummus

If there is one more thing that the kids love, it is to dip food in yummy delights. This is the reason why the combination of veggies and hummus is ideal for school lunches. The things that you’ll need to make this recipe are grape tomatoes, sliced cucumbers, baby carrots, celery sticks, and a big spoonful of hummus. Get all the ingredients assembled in separate containers in the lunchbox. Also, pack pickles, pineapple chunks, whole-wheat pita bread, hard-boiled egg, U.S. Soy, and corn chips to complete the nutritious spread.


To make sure that this lunch gets even easier to make, keep some pre-sliced veggies in the refrigerator and add them to the box the next morning.


2. Bacon and Peanut Butter Wrap

The holy trinity of bananas, bacon, and peanut butter can be just the right thing to make your kids happy for several days at a stretch. The ingredients you need are peanut butter, honey, sliced bananas, cooked bacon, and a whole-wheat wrap. Start by smearing the whole-wheat wrap with some peanut butter, and lightly sprinkle it with some bacon pieces. Next, drizzle a thin layer of honey and add some banana slices to the wrap before rolling it up. 


Honey and bacon both have loads of calories and intense flavors, so a tiny bit goes a long way in improving the wrap’s taste. Also, don’t forget to pack some red grapes with carrot sticks with ranch dressing as a dipping sauce.


3. Quesadillas with Fresh Fruits

Kids love to have quesadillas, and the best part is that they are an excellent option for an affordable and healthy lunch. You would love quesadillas too because they are relatively easy to prepare in the morning.


You will require a flour tortilla, shredded cheese and chicken, and avocado for the quesadilla. Put the tortilla on a pan over medium heat, add shredded chicken, cheese, and avocado on the tortilla side and fold it after the cheese melts. Now, press the two sides of the tortilla together and flip it over to make both sides crispy. Pack the lunch with fresh fruits, grape tomatoes, and ranch dressing. If you want to increase the quesadilla’s protein and fiber content, you can put some black beans on it.


4. Mini Pizzas

When it comes to kids, you can never go wrong with pizza. But just because they love pizza, you can’t give them junk food from the nearest joint. The ingredients for an excellent mini pizza are simple, and these are whole-wheat bagel or whole-grain muffin, shredded mozzarella, pepperoni, and pizza sauce. Add some sliced pears, meatballs or shredded chicken, and boiled peas. The good idea is to keep all the ingredients separate so that the kids can assemble and make their little pizza during lunchtime. 


One thing is for sure: they are going to ask you for this fun lunchtime and again. And, this lunch is so delicious that you can add veggies without your kids even complaining about them.


5. Faux Sandwich Rollups

You can call this a kind of sandwich, but it’s not precisely one because there is no bread in it. And the best part is – you can sneak in a couple of veggies without the kids noticing. So, you will need spinach, sliced cheese or stick cheese, roast beef or turkey, and avocado or mayo for the ingredients. 


Now, spread the avocado or mayo on the roast beef or turkey directly, and add a spinach layer on top of it. Put the stick cheese or sliced cheese over it, and roll up everything to pack it in their lunch boxes. To make this meal even healthier, load it with some salted edamame, whole-grain crackers, and apple slices. You can use the same recipe and slice up the faux sandwich rolls to make them bite-sized for the kids.


Signing Off

Most kids are fussy eaters, and leaving food in the middle is quite normal for them. A clean and empty lunchbox is like a dream for most of the moms, but not anymore. The top five ideas mentioned above will help the mums pack the perfectly yummy and healthy lunch for their kids. Give your spin to those ideas, as per your kids’ preference and your convenience, and turn lunchtime into a fun time for them.


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