5 Natural Teeth Whitening Home Remedies For A Beautiful Smile

You can whiten your teeth by using a number of natural methods. The working procedure of a large number of these methods is simple: these remove your teeth stains gently. It is important to know that as compared to natural remedies of these kinds, a much stronger treatment for whitening teeth is offered by a large number of dentists. The dentists use bleach on the teeth. It will not be good for your teeth if there is an overuse of bleach. If the discoloration of the tooth is severe then this method will be good. But don’t try it always. Now I am going to tell you 5 natural teeth whitening home remedies for a beautiful smile.

1.Do oil pulling – For removing the body toxins and improving oral hygiene an India folk remedy that is traditional is oil pulling. In order to remove the bacteria from the mouth take some oil in mouth and swish around. But because of this practice you can get yellow color on your teeth as a result of the accumulation of the plaque. Normally for oil pulling, sesame or sunflower oil is used by the Indians. For killing bacteria and reducing inflammation you can use high lauric acid containing coconut oil. Take coconut oil in a tablespoon and fill your mouth with this. Swish it inside your mouth so that it touches your teeth many times.

2.Use baking soda for brushing – The commercial toothpaste’s popular ingredient is baking soda because it can whiten your teeth naturally. It can help in removing the teeth stains because of its little abrasive nature. For preventing the growth of bacteria in your mouth, an alkaline environment is created by baking soda. However, in a single night it cannot whiten the teeth. It takes some time for changing your teeth appearance. Mix 2 tablespoons of water with 1 tablespoon baking soda. Apply this mixture on your teeth gently by using a brush.

3.Try hydrogen peroxide – For killing your mouth bacteria, a bleaching agent that is natural is hydrogen peroxide. As it kills bacteria, you can also use it for disinfecting wounds. Before brushing the teeth use it like a mouthwash. In order to prevent the side effects, the solution needs to contain 1.5 % to 3 % hydrogen peroxide. You can also make a toothpaste by mixing 1 tablespoon baking soda with 2 tablespoon hydrogen peroxide. Then apply it on your teeth.

4.Take vegetables and fruits – For your teeth as well as your whole body it will be very good to eat a good number of vegetables and fruits. In order to whiten the teeth, eating two fruits can help a lot and these are: pineapple and strawberries.


For whitening your teeth eat pineapple. It contains an enzyme known as bromelain which removes the stains from your teeth.


For preventing the discoloration of the teeth eat strawberries. These contain malic acid which does all this. Mix baking soda in a strawberry that is freshly smashed. Apply this mixture on the teeth with a brush.

5.Avoid tooth stains from happening – It is a natural phenomenon that when you grow old your teeth become yellow. However, you can prevent this from happening.

Take less beverages and staining foods

Your teeth can get stains by taking dark berries, soda, red wine and coffee. But you can’t stop eating them totally. One thing you can do is reduce their intake. Use straw to drink beverages so that your teeth do not come in full contact with these. After taking the beverages and foods of these kinds, brushing of the teeth is necessary. Discoloration of teeth can also occur because of chewing tobacco and smoking. So, try to get rid of these two bad habits.

Don’t take too much sugar

The plaque causing bacteria can grow on your teeth if you will take so much sugar. So, eat as little sugar as possible. Also, brushing of the teeth is necessary after consuming the sugary food.

Include a lot of calcium in your diet

Because of exposed dentin an eroding of the enamel can occur which can result in the discoloration of the teeth. You can avoid this eroding of the enamel by eating broccoli, cheese and milk which are high in calcium.

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