5 Leonardo Dicaprio Best Movies Which You Must Have to Watch Once

Leonardo Dicaprio is one of the best talented actors who is working in Hollywood and by his great work he makes a great impact on a large number of audiences. He has also counted in those Successful Personalities Who Never Married in their life. He had a great experience in the cinema world that’s why he knows

Leonardo Dicaprio Top Movies are considered as the best Hollywood movies which sets the high bar in Hollywood cinemas. With his hard work and great potential, he also won the best actor for his famous movie Once Upon Time. In Hollywood. In Hollywood, it seems like he is the only person made for the best roles. Get ready for the tour of Leonardo Dicaprio movies list keep your eyes and focus here read everything carefully and must these which we mentioned here.

 1.  Inception (2010)

Inception is directed by Christopher Nolan. This is counted in the list of best movies by Leonardo Dicaprio. This movie is twisty, Creative full of wonders, and a type of action picture which shows incredible intelligence. 

The story of this movie is about a thief who steals corporate secrets during his sleep by using dream-sharing technology. Go Ahead and watch this amazing thriller movie now.

2. Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood (2019)

So here is another hit which is done by Leonardo Dicaprio. In this movie Leonardo Dicaprio plays a role of western tv star who wants to set his career in the film industry  but finds that he’s not so successful. Go and watch another hit movie by Leonardo Dicaprio. 

3. The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)


The Director of this movie is Martin Scorsese. This movie’s story is based on black comedy and crime. In this movie Jordan Belford makes his career as a stockbroker in New York City Leonardo Dicaprio acted as Jordan Belford in this movie. This film was released in the year 2013 and this movie won the hearts of millions of people and came on the list of Leonardo Dicaprio’s best movies. Apart from actor he also worked as a producer and produced many films in his film industry career. It proved to be a massive success, grossing 392 million dollars all over the world. The critics gave mostly positive comments about the movie. This movie won the hearts of millions of people and became the most famous or popular Leonardo Dicaprio movie.

This movie gained massively in terms of money and fame as well as controversy. The Wolf of Wall Street is one such movie that people loved and will not forget for a long time. A lot of people showed up at the theatres and made this movie a huge hit at the box office. Though it isn’t a movie you’d like to watch with your children, it is definitely worth a watch.

4. Titanic

The Titanic is one of the iconic movies which will never be forgotten from Hollywood as well as Bollywood cinemas. This movie touches the hearts of everyone and makes them feel real love. Leonardo Dicaprio became the best and respected Hollywood actor because he performed all his work with full faith. Not only with Titanic, he touches the feelings of others with his all movies.


Directed by James Cameron, The Titanic was a movie about the fictional love story of a rich girl Rose Dewitt and a poor boy Jack Dawson, who met each other and fell in love on the not-so-fortunate journey of the Titanic. Though the ship was regarded to be “unsinkable”, it sank on its first voyage due to crashing into an iceberg that the crew couldn’t see at night. Rose was a girl belonging to a rich aristocratic family and was engaged to a millionaire. But, somewhere deep down in her heart, Rose has a strong dislike towards the idea of getting married to her fiance. 

Jack understands this aversion in Rose’s mind and they both eventually fall in love. Jack was a poor artist played by Leonardo Dicaprio, who won a ticket to sail on the Titanic and thought of the journey as if it would change his life. Meanwhile, Rose refuses to marry her fiance and leaves him for Jack. On the night of 15th April, the Titanic sinks because of its collision with a huge iceberg, and everyone panics. Jack dies because of drowning and Rose survives and is rescued by lifeboats. 84 years later, Rose narrates the story of her love Jack and the sinking of the Titanic to her grandchildren. This is regarded to be one of Leonardo Dicaprio’s best movies.

5. The Departed (2006)

Here is another super hit movie coming in the queue of  Leonardo Dicaprio’s best movies. This movie makes a great impact on the audiences and wins so many hearts and awards. Leonardo Dicaprio played the role of an undercover cop who infiltrates a crime ring run by Jack Nicholson Have you read what I just mentioned? For this movie, this sentence is completely right and suits the title of the movie which all I need to explain here. 

But it’s not over yet.  This thriller movie makes the day full of entertainment. This is the movie where you can’t decide the heading until the bitter-sweet end. 

Enjoy The Leonardo Dicaprio’s Best Movies

So guys get ready for the full entertainment package. Watch all   Leonardo Dicaprio’s best movies and make your day full of entertainment and enjoyment. All of you guys hurry up, don’t wait, and select the movies from the given list whichever you want to see first. 




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