5 facts that prove you should stop drinking tap water today!

September 20, 2021

Despite being a questionable practice, drinking tap water is still relatively common, at least more than it should. Although in certain places it is theoretically suitable for consumption, this water without an extra treatment process can be very harmful to your health, and that of your family.

Hardly tap water will do any very serious immediate harm, since it has actually gone through a treatment process, but that does not mean that it does not do any harm. Check out then, 5 facts that prove that you should stop drinking water straight from the tap.

1 – Problems that can occur with water

Our tap water has gone through a pretty long treatment, so it’s up for a lot of trouble along the way. From the treatment or storage process, which may be inappropriate, to the passage through dirty and unmaintained pipes, the water that comes out of our tap has had quite a journey. The problem is what she finds on this path.

2 – Substances found in tap water

Because of all this, the list of substances with which the water has contact after being treated is quite large. Some of them are:

Volatile Organic Compounds: are substances found in solvents that have a very complicated removal process.

Fluoride: There is some controversy regarding the consumption of fluoride. It is believed that excessive consumption is bad for you. In fact, several countries in Europe have banned its use;

Heavy metals: Various heavy metals such as arsenic, aluminum, mercury and lead. Each causes problems such as cancer and problems with the nervous system and vital organs such as the liver;

Bacteria and Viruses: These are extremely common, and found in poorly maintained plumbing and outdoor storage, when water has an exposure to the environment;

Chlorine: Chlorine is quite common, but its ingestion is harmful to human health;

3 – The remedies

Currently, another problem that has become quite common is the amount of medicine found in the water. These are improperly disposed of, and end up finding the water treatment network during their journey.

The problem is that treatment plants have little recourse to deal with this recent problem. Therefore, the presence of these drugs ends up being considerable, generating possible reactions, especially for those who are allergic to any drug.

4 – Boiling doesn’t help much

A very common and very traditional attitude is to boil water. But that’s no guarantee of anything. Boiling water helps to eliminate microorganisms, but still maintains the compounds used for its treatment, such as chlorine itself, which is also very dangerous for health. Therefore, this process is not very worthwhile.


5 – The water tank

While treatment plants do what they can to make the water safe for consumption, they have little control over the water tanks closest to the final consumer. It is recommended that the tank be sanitized every six months, and not following this schedule, and this practice can cause problems in the quality of the water that reaches the residents’ tap.

Although the treatment theoretically results in water that can be consumed, there are many obstacles in the way that can harm its quality and do considerable harm. So it’s not worth the risk.

The best water to drink

Water filters and purifiers are the best options: they can treat water at home, being a more dynamic process, faster, in addition to having a lower long-term cost compared to the bottled liquid. To guarantee pure, quality water for you and your family.

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