5 Best Proxy Shopping Site in Japan

Trying to purchase Japanese products whilst abroad can be daunting and frustrating if you’ve just returned from a lovely trip to Japan and found you skipped to go shopping for the one essential souvenir, or you’ve read up on the new must-have Japanese gadget but are disappointed to find it won’t be available in your country for another year.

Worry no more because here we’ll talk about online Japanese proxy websites that will help you purchase and export Japanese products outside of Japan, no matter what your condition is.

So what precisely is a shopping proxy service?  A proxy service serves as your website which allows you to request the Japanese item you want. The service will purchase the item on your behalf in Japan and mail it to your international address. The use of these websites is simply to let you buy from Japan no matter where you are in the world.

There are several proxy services available, with some dealing in clothing or apparel, some focusing on technology, and even others resembling the vast online marketplaces to which we have become acquainted, where a wide range of products can be purchased.


The Importance of Proxy Shopping Service

You will need to use a proxy shopping service for a variety of purposes, but one thing is certain: it is dependable and worth doing. These websites may be useful if you forget to purchase anything while in Japan or if the item you chose is out of stock once you try to get it.

If the item isn’t back in stock until you have to depart for your home country, this circumstance will leave you frustrated on your trip to Japan. In situations like these, proxy platforms will provide you with an alternative way to finding what you’re searching for.

Using a proxy shopping service for Japanese goods is simple, and it will be similar to any other e-commerce experience you’ve had before, except for a few extra steps.

That the proxy service would go through the hassle of ordering and purchasing goods on your behalf, there is a nominal handling charge concerning the foreign shipping costs, which will vary depending on the country you are in but must be between 1000 and 2500 yen.

Overall, these fees are well worth it as compared to the cost of foreign travel to Japan to purchase these products. Furthermore, these providers ensure that your goods are sent directly from Japan to your home.


5 Best Online Site for buying Japanese Items From Abroad


  1. ZenMarket

The most famous Japanese retail proxy place is Zenmarket. It enables you to shop from a variety of shops and also compete on Yahoo Auctions Japan.

You will connect products to the cart and measure the overall quote depending on parcel weight when ordering from ZenMarket shops. Pay for the things and prepare a few days for them to arrive. To have your package as soon as possible, enter your tracking information and pay for shipping. 

Bidding on Yahoo! Auctions via ZenMarket is close, except there are a few extra measures, such as funding the account before bidding.

ZenMarket pays a 300 yen service charge for item orders, which appears to be the industry norm, and provides buyer support in nine languages. ZenMarket allows you to shop on Amazon Japan, Rakuten, and a variety of other websites.


  1. Personal Shopper Japan

Personal Shopper Japan takes tremendous pride in upholding the highest levels of hygiene and cleanliness for their consumers and the products they receive, particularly during this Pandemic.

You could safely order from every shop in Japan online with your credit card, and you can collect shipments quickly using their dependable International Shipping Services, which are accessible all over the world.

You can purchase from any Japanese online retailer, such as Amazon Japan, Rakuten, Yahoo Auction, and others, as well as any physical shop, such as Mitsukoshi, Isetan, Takashimaya, Daimaru, and more.

They will reimburse any charges if the item is sold out. Their professional packaging service will safeguard the goods during foreign delivery, and the simple item review has saved plenty of their customers’ lives.

  1. From Japan

Buying in Japan is comparable to ZenMarket and PersonalShopper in that it involves shopping and bidding, waiting for approval from the delivery center, obtaining shipping orders, paying fees, and receiving the merchandise. 

They also have assistance in Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, and Spanish, among other languages. Any auction bidding platforms enable you to position a higher offer beforehand and have it immediately put 5-10 minutes before the auction ends. 

Finally, you should search for a thing you can’t locate on your own, and they’ll go out of their way to find it for you at no extra charge.

Fashion brands such as ZOZOTOWN and BAPE are now accessible for purchase From Japan. These two well-known street fashion labels are often seen on the avenues of Harajuku by teenagers. Both labels provide must-have pieces for those involved in the design of Japan’s millennial populace.


  1. White Rabbit Express

White Rabbit Express is another famous Japanese proxy platform that distinguishes itself by assisting with the purchase of limited-edition and pre-order products.

They take pride in customer care, which includes free consolidation, live chat support, and real-time order status updates. Mercari, Tora no Ana comics, and Square Enix are only a few of the pages you can purchase from via White Rabbit Express’s proxy.


  1. Buyee

Buyee is distinguished from other proxy platforms in that it has a free Google Chrome plugin that gives you lets you connect to over 160 Japanese shopping sites. Reach the Japanese shopping website you want to purchase from with the extension enabled, then press the extensions button on your browser to add an object to your Buyee cart.

Return to Buyee’s website to review your order and check the products in your basket. Instead of a fixed rate per piece, Buyee’s service fees are calculated as a percentage of 5 percent of the overall purchase shipping


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