5 Best Places to Sell Engagement Rings

Sometimes letting go of something that is representative of your dreary past can help secure your future bright.

You might have gathered the courage to sell your engagement ring and get a move on in your life. But you must ensure that you are not making yourself vulnerable to your situation and sell your precious possessions for dirt cheap.

Also, there could be other reasons to sell your engagement ring, like debt, wrong fit. For all those, this article will provide a brief detailing about the places where you could sell your engagement ring. Let us know the five best places where you can sell your engagement ring profitably, its pros and cons.

  1. E-Commerce Sites:

Most of you would have made up your mind to sell your ring in online e-commerce platforms like eBay. But wait !! You must also be aware that most buyers in e-commerce platforms lack the actual knowledge of judging the real worth of your possession. Thus there won’t be a competitive ask for your ring here.

Of course, there are no middlemen involved, and that could be profitable, but you can’t deny that most buyers are amateur. You will end up being one in a million sellers there waiting for the right bargain, which could also be time-consuming.

Also, selling on e-commerce platforms isn’t safe since you might have to converse with strangers and even meet them in unknown places.

  1. Independent Local jewelers:

There is a decent chance for you to sell your ring to independent jewelers if you reside in urban areas. But sometimes, they would have to irreversibly modify your possession (like removing diamonds), which is risky.

Also, they lack proper appraisal techniques as they always want to lower their cost price to increase their profit. A third party appraisal might cost you your share of profit.

Mostly they would end up acting as brokers and demanding a part of your profit as commission. You can decide according to you upon the fate of your ring.

  1. Pawn Brokers:

If you want to make some quick money, then pawnbrokers are quite inevitable to think upon. They could provide you timely financial help to save you.

But again, you cannot expect a fair price for your possession. Before negotiating with pawnbrokers, try to analyze your possession’s real value so that you could use it as a reference point. But if your priority isn’t making quick money, you could always find a better option.

  1. Auction:

If you feel that the auction is authentic and you could find a real buyer there, you are almost right. Most of the auctions have an inbuilt appraisal technique, mostly free of cost, not as in independent jewelers. So you could get a reasonable price for your possession.

You could also be getting additional benefits like insurance and advertisement, but here they would charge you a reasonably hefty share from your profit ranging anywhere between 25% to 40%.

  1. Jewelry Experts:

The most reliable and yet easy way to sell your engagement ring will be through JEWELLERY EXPERTS. Many websites provide the easiest and profitable option for you to sell jewelry for cash. You get the most authentic appraisal team of gemologists and that too at free of cost. Thus you get to know the real value of your possession.

Most of the sites can’t assure such a standard appraisal technique for you.

These are the best five places to sell recently. They may not always be the best.

So, Be updated with all the new places that come into existence as we move forward.


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