4 Simple Ideas to Boost Your eCommerce Sales through Instagram

If you want to market your Ecommerce business on a social media platform then a very good powerhouse for doing this is Instagram. Every month more than 1 billion users use Instagram actively. The platform is suitable for the meeting of the brands and businesses with a lot of users and these are nearly 60 % among all users. It is not simply an app for sharing the photos but much more than that. For Ecommerce businesses we can use it as a social network by making the use of shopping stories and products tagging features of this platform. There is no surety that your business will get benefited if you are present on this platform and use it regularly. If you want to increase your sales then you need to take the help of tools and strategic planning is also necessary. Now I am going to describe 4 simple ideas to boost your ecommerce sales through Instagram.

  1. Make the use of effective stories – The ecommerce businesses can take the benefit of the stories segment of Instagram. Your ecommerce store can get a lot of benefits if you will use the story feature of this platform. Various ways of doing this are:
  • Use stories feature of this platform for reposting those stories that are user-generated. In this way if for potential customers you create a social proof then you can bring happiness in the minds of the existing customers as they will feel that you give so much attention to them.
  • Use stories for the promotion of the events. Your business of ecommerce can get a boost with this.
  • Use Instagram stories for the new item launch’s live streaming. With the live streaming of your products, the engagement of your followers will increase. It will help in generating excitement in followers.
  • In your stories you can include Q&A sessions at frequent intervals. By answering your followers’ those queries that are most common you can engage a large number of people.
  1. Use hashtags that are most relevant – By using hashtags on Instagram, reaching the organic audience in a most effective way is possible digital marketing strategy.
  • Just like in the search engines you rank keywords, similarly in Instagram you use hashtags. You may be performing your ecommerce business under a particular niche. By using hashtags relevant to this niche, reaching the organic audience is possible.
  • In the stories and post description you can use those hashtags that are branded for the purpose of showcasing your brand. Your posts’ reach can increase if you will use branded hashtags and it doesn’t matter if you do not have a brand name in your business.
  • Suppose a contest is going to get run by you then it will be good for you to use a relevant hashtag for personalizing the contest.
  • It is a trend on Instagram to use #instagood and #instamood hashtags. In all your Instagram feeds you can use these.
  1. Perform an optimization of your bio and profile – Initially you need to make a business profile. Use the settings tab so as to enable this. With this seeing your posts’ analytics and insights, selling your products, doing the promotion of your posts and offers will become possible. Use your ecommerce store’s image and logo in the image of your profile. The items that you sell and the logo that you use will help others in remembering you on Instagram. It will be good to use your bio for promoting your ecommerce site’s link if your Instagram followers are not more than 10,000. Your bio needs to be compelling and short so that the information about you and your items can be easily given to customers.
  2. Offer seasonal and limited-time promotional items – Your conversion rate can increase if you will offer limited-time promotional items because it will make the people think if they will miss the items in that limited period then they will miss the opportunity. It has been found that this type of strategy is helpful for 80 % of the purchases. Apart from this if on Instagram you run seasonal offers then it can be very beneficial for your ecommerce trade.

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