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As a business owner with no formal schooling, I owe a lot to books. In fact aside from experience the school of hard knocks they’ve taught me most of what I know about business and has played a huge role in my success. Here’s a list of my books that have changed my life if you haven’t already read these then I recommend you pick them up asap because they’ll be well worth your time.

These aren’t necessarily new books and you’ve probably heard of a lot if not all of them but they’re books that if you haven’t already read I would put high on your priority list to read. So, let us explore 4 books that can change your life :

1.The four hour work week

If you haven’t read this book it is worth checking out. It really lives up to the hype even if you think you are not interested in this topic even if you’re not an entrepreneur, even if you’re happy in your nine-to-five job it is worth it. Because Tim Ferriss breaks down the art of unconventional living and really helps to open your mind and helps you to think outside the box. In terms of what’s possible for your life and helps you to challenge just some conventions of society about how things have to be okay.

My next book is another business book I promise these aren’t all business books but this one is for just anyone. I was so skeptical of this book before I bought it and read it because I saw a lot of sleazy ads for this book called dot-com secrets.

2. Dot-com secrets

It is by Russell Brunson and I just like the design of it didn’t appeal to me I was judging it by its cover.  But then I happened to notice one day that it has a whole lot of really good reviews on amazon. Like thousands of really good reviews so I bought it and I read it and this is honestly the best book I have ever read about digital marketing. So, if you’re trying to learn how to start an online business or especially how to market your online business even if you’ve been in the game for a while.

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3. Basic economics 

This I would say is a must-read. I know that this book is giant and I know that it has a boring title but the book is quite informative. It is by Thomas Soule who is a genius economist, this book is really big and I am reading it for the second time and I am about halfway. Now I am reading it again and they have expanded it, this is the fifth edition and they’ve just expanded it and expanded it adding in more and more stories.

If you have not read a really solid economics textbook then you are missing out on understanding how the world works. Rereading this my eyes are reopened as to just how so many different things work.


4.One small step

I actually think that this book is more interesting and just full of more interesting information and stories but the other one is way shorter and an easier read. If you haven’t read a good economics book then you just don’t know what you’re missing now to contrast with that my next book pick is super short and that is this tiny little book here called one small step.

This book is by Robert Maurer and is just a short easy read it’s it’s a super easy read and it’s just about the idea that even taking tiny little steps in the right direction can have a big impact on your life. It kind of sounds like one of those books where you read the title and you know exactly what it’s about but it really fleshes out this idea. A lot of it will help you to see different ways that this concept can be applied to your life.


Take away

From the article above, about 4 books that will change your life we get to know that all these are self-help business books. A lot of them sound great when you’re reading them but then they can be really difficult to actually apply. As these books may be easy to read but to implement these in one’s life may be quite tough. All these things are passed by constant practice and thoughtfulness. Many of the successful personalities are actually applying these readings in their lives without losing their consistent nature.

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