30th Birthday Gift Ideas for That Special Someone

Who is the special someone in your life turning 30 soon? It could be your girlfriend, fiance, sibling, or your favorite cousin. Whoever it may be, they need to feel special as they mark a milestone. The most reliable method is to provide them a special gift to celebrate the event.  

If you do not have any 30th gift ideas, we will help you with the best suggestions. Each piece tells a unique story. It can touch soften the most hardened heart and cheer up the saddest soul. Send any of the following gifts to make your special someone feel special.


Custom Whisky Glass Set

30 marks the end of a carefree lifestyle. Your friend is likely to enjoy their glass of whisky at home. Let them have fun with a whiskey glass set. 


Birth-date Candle

It is exciting to learn astrology, numerology, and tarot. However, not everyone has time to learn all that. Thus, you can surprise your friend with a birth-date candle. It has some details on the birthday, according to tarot, astrology, and numerology. It is exciting to learn personality traits according to ancient wisdom.


Pure Silk Pillowcase

 At 30, wrinkles may start to develop. I am sure you don’t want to walk with a wrinkled friend. Thus, help them retain their youthful skin with an excellent 30th birthday ideas. A silk pillowcase helps one control their skin moisture. In addition to that, it keeps their hair free from frizz. 


Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cleaning the house takes a lot of time. Also, people have limited time to relax on their 30th. Help your friend create a more relaxing time as the robot vacuum cleaner keeps the house clean. They will control this wonderful invention as they maintain it over a phone app. 


Sleep Mist

The 30’s are hectic. When it’s bedtime, you want to relax and fall asleep as soon as you get to bed. Now imagine that it is the same thing your friend you wish for. You can give them the surprise of a chamomile and lavender sleep mist. The spray will provide them with a cold and relaxed atmosphere to sleep. 


Outdoor Pizza Oven

By the time one is turning 30, buying pizza is no longer a thing. However, you may need to satisfy your cravings once in a while. Also, you may need to treat your younger cousins with some hot and tasty homemade pizza. An outdoor pizza oven is a perfect savior any day. 


Cut Resistant Gloves

Who is that clumsy friend in your life? Are they turning 30 soon? Worry not. The new decade of responsibility should not leave them with tens of cut marks. Get someone special a pair of cut resistant gloves. They will need them around the kitchen as they get the family some healthy homemade meals. 


Fitness Tracker

The body starts to lose shape when you turn 30. It would aid if you set additional effort to remain young and vibrant. However, all the responsibilities can weigh you down. It is easy to forget your workout session. Thus, a fitness tracker becomes a must-have tool after 30. 

Since you are fit, how would you feel amid unfit age mates? Help them become healthy with fitness trackers. It is affordable, and you can buy it alongside other 30th birthday gifts. 


Portable Espresso Maker

When you hit 30, you are likely to lose energy more often during the day. Thus, you will need coffee for some energy boost. Yet, you may feel too lazy to move from one corner of the office to the other for just one cup of coffee. Here’s when you realize the need for a portable espresso maker. The simple device will be your new office partner. Since you understand all this, you know it is an excellent 30th birthday gift idea for anyone special in your life. 


Oil Diffuser and Humidifier

Not everyone loves candles. That does not mean they cannot enjoy a heavenly scented atmosphere. Oil diffuser and humidifier were made to replicate the effects of a scented candle. This simple device makes a great 30th birthday ideas. 


Bath Bombs

Turning 30 is no joke. Anyone needs a more relaxing bath at this age. Thus, surprise them with a giant box of scented bath bombs. Ensure they have all-natural ingredients. It helps keep them relaxed and keep their skin glowing, just like in the 20’s. Every bath bomb has a different scent and helps relieve the stress and anxiety of new responsibilities. Everyone in their 30’s deserves this treat. 


30th birthday ideas should be practical and straightforward. Every gift should qualify as a keepsake or make the new phase of life worth living. Let someone special know they have a special place in your heart with any of the above birthday gifts. 


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