3 Reasons Dairy Farmers Should Opt to Buy and Sell Cattle Online Over Traditional Methods

June 6, 2022

One of the steepest challenges that dairy farmers have to face on a regular basis is finding sellers and buyers for their cattle. While traditionally it has been pashu mela serving that cause, it was always engulfed with several challenges like not finding the right party to deal with, not being assured of medical condition of the cattle when buying, not finding right price, etc.

What about when there was no pashu mela in near vicinity or around the days when one is in need of selling or buying cattle?

With the advent of technology, especially the online platform, there have been disruptive inventions in this specific sector as well. Now you can buy and sell cattle easily online.

Why online mode of selling and buying cattle is better than the traditional mode of pashu mela and physically finding buyers or sellers?

We take a look at the reasons below:

1.       Find Buyer/Seller Easily

As we have mentioned above, finding the right buyer or seller is a big task manually. You may have to wait long and long for someone who is interested in your cattle, or it may be a bit daunting when you aren’t able to find the right cattle that fulfil your need. A pashu mela may also let you with no right option.

With the online world, you are presented with a global market, where the options are endless, and with wider reach you know that you can find the right buyer or seller.

2.       Close Your Deal at the Best Price

When you are in a hurry to sell your cattle, then at times, through the traditional method, you may end up setting for a lot less than your cattle deserves. Similarly, when you find a quality cattle to buy, then it kind of becomes a bid-war wherein whoever pays more will have that cattle. Thus it shoots your budget.

These are aspects that have been very well addressed by the online world. The platform provides a definitive price considering all the factors like cattle quality, milk yield and other aspects. These platforms work to enable best price for buyer and seller, thus creating a transparent and fitting process.

3.       Ease of Trade Right from Home

Doorstep delivery and pickup for buyers and sellers – it is one of the biggest advantages that dairy farmers are able to gain with online platforms. There is no hassle, no need to go far in finding the cattle you want to buy or going through a lot of negotiations and search for selling your cattle.

Online medium allows you to focus on other important aspects and let the process take care of itself, in a fast, convenient and worry-free way.

Buffalo buy and sell apps are not just limited to sale and purchase of such cattle, like MeraPashu360. This online platform goes further to provide complete assistance for animal fodder as well.


On MeraPashu360 app, you can buy animal feed, which is tested and verified for quality, with comfort of online delivery at your doorstep (the first and only kind in India at present). Also, you can seek assistance of complimentary vet visits at your place to ensure utmost health care of your cattle.

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