3 Amazing and Different Ways You Can Use Ribbons for Varied Purposes


Home decor is full of handmade crafts, as handmade crafts catch the eyes of every individual. But have you noticed that most of the best crafts are the ones that are made by using unusual things? Crafts are made by using things that are very commonly available in our surroundings but cannot be imagined used in craft work is what amazes people so much.

One of the most flexible crafting things that you can use is ribbons. Ribbons are available in different colors, sizes, shapes, textures, patterns, and designs. So there are multiple ways to use ribbons not only in crafting but in many other ways. Some of the best DIY (Do-It-Yourself) are listed below, you must try these as they are super fun and simple to do.

How Can You Use a Single Ribbon In Different Ways?

  1. Can Be Used To Make Ribbon Flowers: Have you ever noticed flowers, ducks, boats, and many other things that are made by folding papers, this art is well known as a name of origami? You can make things made by using ribbons as well. It is pretty amazing, isn’t it? And the things made by folding ribbons can be used in so many other things, for example, if you made flowers using ribbon, those ribbon flowers can be used to make the basic hair clip amazing, can be used to decorate gifts, and many other things.
  2. Laced Ribbon Wands: Nowadays we can notice there are many different kinds of toys available out there but the toys we used to play with or made ourselves for our kids give a different feeling. As we share our emotions with our kids through you we are made for them. Wands are basically a thing that can be noticed or seen nearly everywhere we go. But we can literally make a toy out of that by just attaching a designed laced ribbon at the end of the wood dowel with the help of glue. And the addition of a bell to the wand is amazing as kids really like the sound of bells. These wands are great for kid parties.
  3. Ribbon Bookmark: You can even use ribbons to make a beautiful bookmark. As there are different types of ribbons which are available in different colors and designs so you can use them to make an adorable bookmark.

So these are the three ways that you can use these ribbons as. There are many different things that can add beauty to your house other than ribbons; such as tablecloths. You can use tablecloths in so many ways. So you just need to buy table cloths in bulk and then you can apply them in the kitchen, coffee table, dining table, etc. So simple addition of table cloths can also enhance the beauty and functional elegance of your home.

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