Pradesh is a Hindi News publication covering news on various spheres of life and nation. We are primarily known for our political coverage. But we are not confined to a genre. Pradesh Tak publishes an array of news for every viewer and every taste. One can think of Pradesh Tak as a diverse news disseminator publishing in all genres. In today’s times, one of the most sought-after news with a strong readership is the Latest Technology News, that too, in Hindi. Technology News is imperative to fairly young viewers who are working or studying in the advanced technological sectors. Let us learn about what Pradesh Tak covers in its Technology Section.

What does Pradesh Tak cover in their Latest Technology news in Hindi?

The latest Hindi Technology News section at Pradesh Tak typically covers a range of topics, so much so that we have to divide it into various sections based on the reporting. Some of the common sections in our latest technology news:

News on Concurrent Hardware

The hardware section focuses on news related to the following:

  • PC or Laptop hardware
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Wearables, and other devices

We cover various relating to hardware such as the following:

  • Device Launches
  • Product Specifications
  • Hardware Technology Advancements
  • New Products Reviews

News on the latest Software

The software section covers news related to major software development. We update you on the latest releases, periodic updates, Operating Systems new releases, major software vulnerabilities in work systems, HLL programming languages, OS development tools, etc. We also detail people in additional articles relating to the following:

  • Software Trends
  • Best Practices in Software Development
  • Software Developers interviews

Internet and Networking

In the networking section, you will find news related to the internet, especially new networking technologies in telecommunications, which can include the following topics:

  • Networking Infrastructure
  • Better Broadband Connectivity
  • Newer Networking Protocols
  • New Cybersecurity Threats
  • Wireless Technology Advancements

About Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

In the AI & ML section, we publish news related to Artificial Intelligence and how machine learning is the thing of the future, covering a range of the following topics,:

  • AI Applications
  • AI Breakthroughs
  • Ethical Considerations in AI development
  • Impact of AI in various industries

What’s new in Cybersecurity?

Our Cybersecurity cover is a pamphlet of news relating to multiple cybersecurity threats, such as the following:

  • Data Breaches
  • Hacking Incidents
  • Cybersecurity policies
  • E-Security regulations

We cover topics on cybersecurity best practices. We detail people on emerging threats and security vulnerabilities in software and hardware. We also provide expert tips on protecting personal as well as organizational data.

Emerging Technologies on the trend

On the emerging corner, we provide news related to cutting-edge technologies that have the potential to transform society and by large, the economy. This section includes news relating to the following topics:

  • Block Chain
  • Virtual Reality
  • Quantum Computing
  • Biotechnology
  • Augmented Reality
  • Internet of Things

Tech Policy and Regulation

In the policy section, Pradesh Tak covers news related to various government policies and procedures. We detail people on the amended regulations and legislation, having an impact on the technology industry. This section covers news relating to the following topics:

  • Data Privacy & Breach Laws
  • Anti-Trust Investigations by Authority
  • Intellectual Property Rights
  • Regulatory Initiatives w.r.t. Emerging Technologies

Entrepreneurship in the Technology–driven Service Sector

In this section, we cover news related to many startups and entrepreneurship. We detail to you the new venture capitalist around the technology block. This section includes articles relating to the following:

  • Startup Funding & its Rounds
  • Entity Acquisitions
  • Success Stories of New Ventures
  • About Emerging Tech Companies
  • Words from the Founders

This is a glimpse of what will be offered to you when you subscribe to the Latest Hindi Technology News Section of the Pradesh Tak news. With our varied Technology News coverage, you may also find additional sections with the topic categorization.

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