You finally made your dream of owning a startup business come to life, great!

But is it enough? Well, absolutely not! 

If you want to grow your bootstrap business (that’s the reason, you’re here), it’s time to embark on your mobile app development journey! 

Did you know that there are nearly 3 million apps on the Google Play Store while the iOS platform has 1.80 million apps available?

Well, that’s how quickly mobile apps are mushrooming in 2024! 

When it comes to building a dedicated app and making your brand stand out, leveraging the right tech framework is of utmost importance!

But why Flutter? 

Flutter is a popular cross-platform app development framework that allows developers to build beautiful, intuitive, and responsive apps across both iOS and Android platforms. Backed by a single codebase, it enables experts to save time and resources, without requiring the need for additional coding for a separate app.

Furthermore, its popularity boils down to the fact that it has more than 150k stars on GitHub and shows no signs of slowing down. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it?

Excited to develop a dedicated mobile app using Flutter? Let’s dive in! 

What is Flutter? What Makes it Ideal for Mobile App Development?

Developed by Google, Flutter is a popular Software Development Kit (SDK) that allows developers to build a robust and power-packed mobile app using a single codebase. Fuelled by Dart Programming Language, this open-source UI framework helps support a multitude of core tasks, including formatting, analyzing, and testing. Unlike other frameworks, Flutter doesn’t allow the need for a declarative layout language like JSX and XML. 

Infused with Material and Cupertino widgets, the framework enables developers to build eye-catching interfaces in different styles and languages. Furthermore, there are modern debugging tools for coding and User Interfaces that function perfectly across all platforms. 

Now, you might be wondering- What is so special about Flutter? What makes it different from others? 

  • Flutter has garnered significant traction in the app development landscape with over 2 million developers currently using the framework to build apps.
  • After the new version of Flutter was released, search engine giant, Google reported an 80% increase in Flutter-based apps on Play Store. 
  • Flutter is leading the race as being the top app development framework followed by other frameworks like React Native, Swift, and more. 

That’s the popularity of Flutter!

Without further ado, let’s set our sights on its incredible benefits. 

  1. Faster Time to Market

Since Flutter efficiently harnesses the single code reusability feature, it allows developers to save time and resources on building the mobile app for both platforms. Unlike other frameworks, developers can create Flutter-based apps and deploy them in the app development market. Whether you want an iOS app or an Android app, Flutter has got you covered!

  1. Cross-Platform Support 

One of the notable advantages of choosing Flutter is that it helps developers build natively compiled apps across all platforms, including mobile, web, and desktop. Having said that, it is backed by a single code reusability aspect, it helps develop two apps at once, thereby keeping unusual stress at bay. The cross-platform support is all about developing an app that works well on both iOS and Android platforms. 

  1. Multitude of Widgets 

Unlike other popular frameworks like React Native and Swift, Flutter surpasses its competition and is known to provide attractive widgets that significantly enhance your app’s user interface. The open-source framework offers a wide range of widgets, including scrolling, fonts, navigation, and icons that not only make the transition smoother but also foster a seamless user experience. 

  1. Seamless User Experience 

Did you know that more than 90% of mobile users claim that they will likely use the app again if their overall experience is great? Well, that’s the power of an engaging user interface! Flutter offers a complete suite of flexible and impressive UI options and widgets that foster an attractive user interface while facilitating enhanced app performance and ultimately, continued business growth.   

  1. Google Trust 

Since it is developed by Google, it gives developers a sense of security that your app will likely receive updates and robust tech support even post-deployment. Whether you want to update your app, fix bugs, or modify the app’s UI, Flutter always comes up with necessary updates that make the app stay ahead in today’s tech-dominating landscape. 

Now, you might have understood the benefits of Flutter! But if you don’t know how to leverage it the right way, then you might be missing out on something big!

Let’s plunge into it! 

A Comprehensive Guide to Building Flutter-Based App for Your Startup 

If you are planning to build an app using Flutter, then listed below are the steps to follow;

Step 1: Start With an Idea

Irrespective of your business’s niche, you should start your app development journey with an idea. Remember that a business without an idea is a body without a soul! Once you know the right business idea, start conducting market research to know your target audience. Ensure you don’t just run into the mainstream; instead, do extensive research and then craft the right strategy accordingly. Furthermore, always research your competitors thoroughly. 

Step 2: Go With Flutter for MVP 

If you want to build an app that perfectly aligns with your customer’s needs, then Flutter for MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is important. Not only does it help developers to gather customers’ feedback and understand their needs but it also helps avoid business failure. Considering the MVP aspect will ensure your startup app is designed as per your target audience and will likely turn them into potential customers. 

Step 3: Prioritize User Experience & User Interface 

It is no secret that the UI and UX of an app play an important role in deciding its success and failure. No matter how superior products/services you are offering to your customers, if your app’s UI is not up to the market, you will likely miss out on a substantial customer base. 

Thanks to Flutter, developers may have access to a range of UI/UX designs and widgets that facilitate beautiful native components to foster quick and hassle-free user experience. With pre-installed native iOS and Android widgets, customization will become hassle-free. The biggest highlight is that the adaptive layout ensures your business app will be displayed perfectly, no matter how big or small the viewing screen is. 

Step 4: Development & Deployment 

Well, developing a Flutter-based app isn’t a cakewalk, is it? The complete development process includes planning, development, testing, deployment, post-maintenance and support. If you’re about to begin your app development journey, don’t hesitate to hire a professional mobile app development company that may develop a cross-platform app. 

Once you have gone through all the aspects, consider deploying it across Google Play and the Apple App Store to make your app scalable. 

Final Thoughts 

So, there you have it! Starting a business is indeed a nerve-wracking experience and so is developing a mobile app. 

Thanks to Flutter, professional developers can easily build scalable, engaging, and feature-rich mobile apps that will not only attract your target audience but also help turn your visitors into potential customers. 

If you’re interested in building a mobile app but don’t have time to run into choosing the right technology or a team of app developers, then don’t worry, we are here to help!

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