In the treatment of breast cancer, Lapatinib Tablet is used, and its brand name is Tykerb. It works by stopping or slowing down the growth of cancer cells in the patient’s body. It works against human epidermal growth factor receptor protein (HER2 receptor) and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFRs) that are responsible for the over-proliferation of cells.

This medicine is consumed on an empty stomach or one hour before or after a one-hour meal or as directed by a physician once daily. The dose of this medicine will be based on age, weight, response to treatment, and overall health. This medicine is so powerful, so avoid misusing it to avoid side effects.


Side Effects of Lapatinib Tablet

Lapatinib Tablet has several side effects but is not seen in all patients. Sometimes, effects are not even seen in any patient, but sometimes, more than two effects will be seen in the patients. Some effects are not serious and some serious that you should not avoid in any case. Nauseous, upset stomach, mouth sore, mild rash, dry skin, vomiting, and trouble sleeping may see. If these do not go by themselves and last for a long time, inform your doctor, and then your doctor will prescribe another medicine to overcome these symptoms.

Diarrhea is the most common symptom and becomes severe if not treated on time. Diarrhea is a sign of dehydration, such as dizziness or decreased urination. To cure this, your doctor will prescribe additional medicine to control this symptom. If the diarrhea did not stop, then it delayed the treatment duration. During treatment, your hand and feet reaction will occur if swelling, redness, peeling, blister, pain, or tingling on the hand and feet immediately inform your doctor to look over these symptoms. Also, avoid going in the sun, tanning booths, and sunlamps, as well as exposure to heat (such as long hot baths and hot dishwater).


Warning about Lapatinib Tablet

  • At the beginning of the treatment, inform all the risks and benefits of the medicine to avoid maximum side effects.
  • During treatment, always try to avoid alcohol; otherwise, it will interfere with medicine and delay the treatment.
  • After taking this tablet, do not drive or operate heavy machinery to avoid accidents.
  • In case of missed or overdose, immediately consult your doctor for further medical attention.
  • If you ever have any problem in your heart, liver, kidney, or liver, inform your doctor so the medicine will be prescribed according to that.

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