Omegle online brings you a unique and exciting chat experience, with the following features:

  • You can choose the language you want to chat in, or let Omegle online automatically choose the language that’s right for you. You can meet people who speak the same language as you, or people who speak different languages, so you can learn and exchange about their culture and language.
  • You can enter one or more keywords that interest you, to let Omegle online match you with strangers with similar interests or topics. You can meet people who share the same passion as you, or people with different views and knowledge than you, so you can discuss and debate the issues you care about.
  • You can choose Spy Mode, where you can ask a question to two other strangers, and follow their conversation without participating. You can learn from their opinions and experiences about the questions you ask, or you can laugh at their humorous and spontaneous answers.

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