2023 Printing Guidelines for Your Next Best Seller Book

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We’ll go through the steps and tips from business professionals in this piece on how to leverage print-on-demand services to catapult your writing to the top of the New York Times bestseller list.

1. Establish your objectives and create a plan.

You must first consider why you want to write a book before you start.
For instance, you may want to have a physical record of all the work you put into writing the book.
Books can serve as a more sophisticated kind of business cards during conferences, press events, and educational courses.
You may use books to build a devoted following and form connections.
Also, you may make a profit in addition to covering your publishing expenses when you sell your books at events.
To choose your writing timetable and aim, you’ll need a clear plan. A writing deadline, a budget, publishing specifications, and marketing strategies for your book should all be included in the plan.


Writing down your ideas and thoughts is the next step.
Here are some guidelines to help you stay on course while you write your book.
Examine the writing prompts carefully to decide what to write.

Make an outline for your story so you can get to work quickly.

Use writing software to write faster.

Determine the average word count for your book.

Make sure the first chapter of your book is strong.

Maintaining a regular writing routine can keep you motivated and speed up your work.

Remind yourself to celebrate your successes!

You can write a good book by adhering to a strict strategy and the criteria you set for yourself.

3. Choose a distribution channel.

There are currently just two significant self-publishing choices left for authors: Amazon and IngramSpark, thanks to Amazon’s purchase of Createspace.
For instance, Mermaid Publishers has gained popularity as it offers print-on-demand and eBook distribution services, as well as formatting and cover design.
Even if you think creating a KDP paperback is the simplest option, Kindle online publishing could seem to be the better choice. You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking for information on “How to publish a book on Kindle Unlimited.”
On the other hand, Amazon and IngramSpark print and deliver them through their parent website, Amazon.
Paperback best book printing services include direct sale-to-print and distribution from warehouses.
Yet IngramSpark offers the biggest advantage over Amazon since it publishes hardcover versions of your book, while Amazon only produces paperbacks.


We may have learned early on to “Never judge a book by its cover.”
Nonetheless, book covers play a significant role in luring in new readers.
Your book’s cover should convey both the author’s aesthetic vision and key plot points.
At this point, speaking with a designer could be helpful.
Consider some of the following design elements:
glossy or matte finish on the cover

The spine’s style in the book

Fonts for the title, body, and subtitle

Books with less than 101 pages should have a spine that is completely blank, although longer volumes may include titles there.
Don’t forget to read the back of the book, which is often disregarded.
Also, the typography and front cover’s typography are just as important as the back cover’s design.
Here are some ideas for the back cover:
a succinct summary of the book.

Short bio and author picture.

Locations for barcodes and ISBNs are optional.


When self-publishing, independent writers confront a plethora of difficulties with regard to book cover design, formatting, and editing.
In addition to the labor hours for which you are paid, this is also required.
You could be worried about the costs involved in publishing the book.
The following variables, among others, have an impact on these costs:
setting up a book

Purchasing a book editor

marketing materials or services

Paying a cover designer a salary

Conclusion: Hardcover versions are the least lucrative, followed by paperbacks, while eBooks are the most profitable.
For experienced authors who are just starting out, audiobooks could be a better option than paper books. They do, however, come with extra costs.


While getting ready to format a book, bear the following in mind:
Page numbering

proportions of a page

Size and font selection

sentence structure

lines between them

margins, gutters, page breaks, and bleeds

Also, you have to be knowledgeable with some basic printing jargon.
One such instance is the trim size, which is effectively the size of your book.
The printing costs will be significantly impacted by this; the greater the print size, the more expensive the fees.
Also, you need to be aware of the publishing standards for file organization, which might change based on the distribution service.
By formatting the book yourself, you could potentially make significant financial savings.
But, the expertise and dedication of Top book publishing organizations like Mermaid Publishing will provide you a lot more time to focus on your book, which will be to your long-term advantage.
The size of the typeface is another crucial factor.
Pay particular attention to the typeface and font size since they greatly affect how your book reads and how the inside is laid out.
The industry standard for books is the 11- or 12-point serif Georgia and Palantino fonts.
Here are some other font choices:



Moose Pro


7. Examine the competition.

When there are so many aspiring writers and publishing alternatives, it may be difficult to distinguish out.
You must be able to provide something special that will stay in the minds of your target audience if you want to connect with them.
This is why it’s so important to read what your competitors are writing.
This may be achieved by doing extensive research before starting to write.
Read books on the topic you wish to write about to get a range of perspectives on it.


Making blunders while attempting anything new for the first time is typical.
A trusted friend or mentor may provide constructive criticism and encouragement during these times.
A ghostwriter or independent copywriter will polish and arrange your ideas.
Excellent book writing involves constructive criticism.
Seek advice from someone you can trust, like your coach, to help you decide if your content is engaging and to identify the areas that need improvement.
Also, they will help you through the drawn-out and challenging writing process.


A smaller, more exclusive number of copies may be printed utilizing services like print-on-demand to provide Book Printing Services at a better price.
On the other hand, a local print specialist is a preferable option for novice authors since they can provide good guidance, paper samples, and reply to your inquiries, resulting in a more personalized printing experience.


Before producing your final print, go through the paper samples to get a feel for the book.
Make sure it isn’t too thin to prevent a cheap or fragile feeling.
The spine of the book should also be chosen since it will affect the design of the cover and the title.
Utilize online spine calculators to get a general idea, not the finished product.
Your print expert or POD service provider may decide that best.
Last but not least, request a free early copy of your book.
You may then review the book for errors, make any necessary corrections, and assess the printing quality.
Before giving the printer the go-ahead, make sure you are satisfied with the proof since this is the result of many years of diligent work.


If you adhere to these helpful guidelines and tips, you’ll be more equipped to write and publish a best-selling book.
You may create a paperback or hardback version of your eBook if you have the appropriate tools and a strong support network.

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