10 Elegant Tumblr Themes to Jump on Stylish Blog Features

If you plan to make a new Tumblr blog this year, this group of the best Tumblr themes will serve you to get an expert designer to build a website that reaches out from the crowd. Making unique, elegant Tumblr themes is not as simple as it used to be. You can no longer get away with utilizing free themes when creating new blogs. To be different from others, you must think more creatively and see uncommon themes to give a new look to your website. This is where we get to help. We handpicked this selection of the best Tumblr themes for that specific goal and to assist you in getting the right theme design to get your Tumblr blog to seem unlike any other website on the stage.

Tumblr themes for artists


Elegant and easy Tumblr theme with a contemporary, most petite look. It is ideal for all sorts of content. It is an excellent option if you need a theme to see like a portfolio. The theme is fit for any artistic style. The main page is in Japanese. If you see an easy design with a fine animation, this is the theme you should seek.


Void can be utilized with any browser and on any mobile device. It is an outstanding elegant tumbler theme option for the portfolio to give it more accessible and better. This theme is famous for artifact grid design. Some users get it rather odd, but you will enjoy it if you see this kind of grid full of exciting images. Also, you will be able to personalize your texts, tone, spacing, image position, etc. It is clear, original, and modern.


This Tumblr theme is your lookbook, which can be applied on any device. It holds all the post figures. Check out its shade option – it is lovely. You can use either Tumblr fonts or host Google Web Fonts on the theme. Its mutable grid pattern is ideal for a blog and portfolio. You are grateful to add social network loops and share your posts to Twitter, Pinterest, or Facebook. Many choices to customize the theme are now available.


Wicked is a classy Tumblr theme. Artists and picture-taker favor this theme for their blogs as it is clear and accessible, directing on photos and pictures. It is optimized for any portable device or tablet and browser. It gives a great option of customization choices like text style, color, spacing, image position, etc. Organize your chosen artworks, and enable the title if you want to make them vivid. You can use little icons above all thumbnails so your visitors could explore, reblog, or save your post.


Wordy is primary and clean. It is one of the female pink Tumblr themes with a 3-4 column design. All the essential traits and tools are available. It has a personalized color palette. It is harmonious with any browser like Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE9+. Alliance with Social Networks like Facebook, Google, Linked In, Twitter, YouTube, and Google Analytics. It is ideal for style, design, and other artistic blogs.

Art She Said

Art She Said is vital and candid in terms of readability and navigation. The theme has several valuable features. The theme offers customizable backdrops and pictures, variable fonts, links. Link your blog with the records of your other social networks like Twitter, Facebook. Instagram, etc. Google texts and Disqus comments are verified. The theme is proper for any post kind.


This unique column layout is an excellent option for you whether you see to pick a Tumblr theme for photos or text knowledge. It is fully customizable and operational on any portable device and with any browser. It does not signify what kind of posts you are going to share. All of them will seem intelligent and elegant. You will get an original website look and know if you try this Tumblr theme.


Carter is a famous elegant Tumblr theme with a set smart sidebar and a clutter-free design. An easy, clear, and quality browsing experience will bring other users’ attention. You are welcome to organize your posts into various tags using the Carter theme. The layout is fully customizable. Carter can be used with any browser and on any portable device.


Prestige is a vast grid Tumblr theme. If you love its overall survey and layout, you should try this theme. Prestige is easy and primarily centers on the content. Here you have a social sidebar to use your upload from other social networks like Twitter and Instagram and show them to your visitors. 


Nowadays, blogs are simple to build. You need to record an account. There is a vast number of individual page templates on the web to customize your blog. elegant tumblr themes are one of the free services that let you share your content fast and efficiently, whether by text, images, URLs, music, or videos. To help you provide a unique touch to your Tumblr page, we have the ten best free elegant Tumblr themes from old ones to grunge Tumblr themes. Indeed, the listing is pretty helpful to select which type of design works excellently for your blog.

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